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How To Write A Comprehensive Research paper? A Research Guide For Students

Comprehensive research papers require a lot of work due to their complexity. These time-consuming assignments make up a large part of students’ final grade. But does this make it easy to write them? Absolutely not. In fact, more than 70% of students claim that they have had a hard time writing research papers and have no idea how to write an essay structure. How then can students write effective research papers?

  • Choose a research paper topic. Always choose a topic that is within your research interest and that challenges you. However, do not go overboard and choose a specialized topic which you cannot manage. This step is crucial and should be done carefully.
  • Find information- Check out both print and non-print materials that relate to your chosen topic. Reading widely enables you to understand the topic better and find out what other authors have written on issues related to your research topic. Restrict yourself to credible sources such as peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and trustworthy websites.
  • Make a thesis statement- A thesis statement presents the central idea of your research paper. A thesis statement is important since all arguments in your research paper will be based on it.
  • Write a research paper outline- The basic structure of a research paper includes the abstract, introduction, manuscript body (these are the heading and subheadings in your paper), references, and tables. All major headings and subheadings in your research paper outline have to relate to the topic you had selected and the already chosen thesis statement.
  • Organize your notes and write the first draft- Critically organize information collected according to your research outline. Analyze, sort, and synthesize information as you start writing a research draft. Read through your sources and summarize, paraphrase, quote directly, and write new ideas on the specific heading in the body of your research paper.
  • Revise your draft and your outline. Read through your paper and make corrections on grammar and structural elements. If necessary, reorganize your outline, but keep it within the confines of your research topic.
  • Type and submit the final research paper- Good research papers should be typed and well-formatted before printing. Proofread your paper or hire professional editors to do this for you. Ensure every aspect of your research paper is great. Check your spelling and punctuation to ensure your final paper is perfect.

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