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Getting admitted to your desired university is a dream for most students who have successfully graduated from high school and looking to pursue a career of their choice. The university gives these students a platform where they can learn their trade in preparation for their careers outside the university. However, seeking submission into your preferred university can prove to be a daunting task, especially for those seeking to study abroad, especially if you don’t know when to apply to university.

And why is that so? You might ask yourself. Because one of the standard requirements in university and college application is that you get to submit an essay application explaining why you deserve to be among the few selected to join the institution. Even though preparing a university application form can be a rewarding experience if you take your time to research and plan for it, the best way to get around this task is to hire a renowned university application writing service. Even when you are asking yourself how to get into university without UCAS, we have all the answers.

College Admission Writing Service- Types Of University Applications

Before you sit down to write a university application form and essay, you should look at all the types of university applications that best suits you. This list has been compiled from our university application writing experts who have continued to boost the reliability of our craft and made us be named the best university application writing service on the market. Below are the most common types of university applications that are available to you.

  • The common application allows applicants to complete an application form that is reviewed and sent to over 700 colleges and universities that makes up the organization. It requires an applicant to include a personal statement in the form of an essay, a recommendation letter, a list of extra-curricular activities, and a high school transcript. It is available online, and it allows the applicants to edit out their application before submitting it.
  • The individual university application provides for an application to be sent separately; this type of application only accept forms that are applied to their own institution. Some of these universities may also allow the common app form of application as they do not have a preference on the type of application an applicant chooses to submit. However, it is recommended that you contact the institution first to confirm the details.
  • The coalition application allows for the building and organization of a student’s portfolio across high school. The idea behind this is to trigger high school students to start thinking about the university from an early age. The coalition application also helps students to access university by removing certain obstacles that they may face. This form of application requires member institutions to meet certain requirements before they are allowed to join.

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 Things You Need To Consider Before Filling In A University Application Form

Our university application helpers continue to redesign and redevelop our university application writing service and have now and again offered tips for writing the best university application essay. Some of them include:

  • You need to conduct thorough research on the universities and the courses they provide to get the one that best suits you. You will need to spend at least three years in this institution doing something that you love, and so it is only right that you make the right decision on where you would like to end up. The institution and course that you pick will also greatly affect the careers open to you after graduation. There is a wide range of information that you can get online on the universities available to you. Information such as the modules offered in each course is important, and you should take them into account during your research.
  • In case you are not sure of any information provided on the university’s website, get in touch with the institution by either calling them or emailing them using the contacts provided on their site. You can also connect with an alumnus of the school and ask them. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to do this! Knowing what is expected from you will help you in submitting an effective application form.
  • Our university application writing service professionals recommend that you have a range of back up universities that you would love and be happy at, it is not guaranteed that you will be accepted in your first choice university, and for this reason, you need to select a variety of universities with entry requirements that vary so that your chances of getting admitted into one of those is high.
  • In the case that your university of choice asks you to submit a letter of recommendation alongside your application form, consider who you are going to contact to write them. Contact your former teachers and other professionals who are willing to vouch for you, ask them to give details on your strength and personality. The university needs to know that they are not only looking at a smart student academically but also a well-rounded individual who can do more for the institution.
  • Under the personal statement section, you need to explain to the university why you deserve to be selected by the institution. Explain to them the measures that you have undertaken to prove your interests on the subject and why you are a good match for the course. Remember also to state your achievements relevant to the class that you are applying for. That way, the admission officers are more than likely to be convinced to accept your application form.
  • Some universities conduct admission tests for those seeking to apply to their institutions; it is advisable that as an applicant, you prepare beforehand for this. No need to be nervous though, the tests are not all that difficult. You will only be tested on things that you are expected to know. The test is conducted so that the university can see the kind of skills that their applicants possess and if they are relevant or in line with what they are offering. Admission tests are available online for those who want to prepare and familiarize themselves with them.
  • Be organized and ensure that all aspects of your application are complete before the deadline. An incomplete application or an application carelessly done will result in you not getting selected by the admission committee.

University Application Format- Great Writing Tips From A World-Class University Application Writing Service

There is a standard form of application that applicants must use to apply for admission in the university; writing an admission letter is mandatory. You need it to seek admission into a university. A properly written admission letter improves your chances of getting admission in your university of choice, below are tips and guidelines that will help you outline and format your application letter. Check out our admission writing service.

  • Contact Information - The contact information should be placed at the top left part of your letter. It contains the name of the applicant, their address, phone number, and email address. The date can be written right below and then followed up by the contact information of the institution that you are applying to.
  • Subject - The subject is located a few inches below the contact information. Its main purpose is to state the faculty and course that you are applying to.
  • Salutation - It is located below the subject. The salutation section is used to greet the admission officer, do your best to get the name of the admission officer to avoid starting the salutation with the phrase “to whoever it may concern.”
  • Content - The content of the letter or the body explains why you are seeking admission into that particular university, you should also state your skills and achievements in this section.
  • Valediction - Located right at the bottom left of your letter, the valediction section allows the applicant to sign out concluding the letter.

How To Write A Great University Application Essay

Writing a great university application essay requires one to maintain the standards of a great essay and paper writing. University application essays contain up to 500 words. How you write and organize those words can prove to be the key difference between you getting admitted into your university of choice or not. Below are tips that should guide you into writing a great university application essay as developed though our college application help services.

  • Remember to read the instructions provided carefully so that you are aware of what is required and expected from you. Not following the application guidelines will result in your application getting disqualified simply because the admission panel will be convinced that either you did not care, or you just ignored, and according to them, this means trouble for the university because they cannot count on you to follow the rules and regulations of the institution in the case that they select you for admission. Remember to write your essay keeping in mind that there is a word limit. Prepare an outline that would allow you to organize your words, helping you decide what to write.
  • Remember to always start with a great introduction. The admission panel will usually not take more than 30 seconds to go through your paper. So how you start your essay matters a lot. Start with something engaging like a story or an anecdote that keeps your readers hooked. Let this story reflect on your strength and personality as an individual. This will give the admission officer insight into who you are.
  • The university application essay gives people a chance to speak their mind on paper, present your genuine beliefs and knowledge on your subject of choice. State how the course that you are looking to undertake will help you achieve your personal goals and ambitions.
  • During your research, you will need to look at university application samples considered exemplary by experts. Unfortunately, these samples can negatively influence you into writing something similar. Remember that admission officers have gone through thousands of application forms and essays before. So if you copy someone else’s example, then it will be evident, and they will know. Admission officers are only looking to select applicants who are authentic in their style and personality.
  • Our university application writing service professionals insist that the paper should reflect your view of the world and how you think it works. Always write from an angle that supports your viewpoint and give examples that support your ideas if you must. Please do this by writing from your personal experiences and ensure that you include the things that motivate you and how they shape your beliefs.
  • Proofread your work to catch any spelling, and grammatical errors made, after doing this, give it to someone else to go over it again, preferably your teacher, parent, peers or hire a professional proofreading and editing service. The reason for this is that the people close to you will tell if your essay sounds like you, you can also seek professional help from online essay writers to guide you in writing a comprehensive and effective application essay.

While all these are crucial in helping you write your university application help by yourself, hiring the best university application writers at AllWritingSolutions is the most effective way to guarantee you admission to the college of your choice. Get help from a renowned university application writing service now!