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A resume provides a summary of an applicant's career and is often used to assess one’s experience and capability to undertake the job advertised. Hence, a CV is a determining factor on whether you land that job or not. To increase the chances of being called in for an interview and showcasing your skills, you need a stellar resume. The fundamental principles for writing a resume have remained the same for several years.

However, with evolving technologies and screening software, the resume writing process has taken a new direction where potential job applicants have to insert task-related keywords if they want to be among the selected few. By staying updated with the CV writing process, one knows what to include and what not to include when writing a resume. But if this still seems a tall order, settling for a professional resume writing service is the surest way of handing in a well-written resume.

Our resume writers present an excellent way of showcasing not only your skills but also your education and passion through a meticulously written resume. As a resume writing community, we understand that the most crucial part of the job application process is presenting a remarkable resume.  Writing the best resume possible is your number one goal considering that online job posting attracts thousands of applicants. As such, when you pay for a professional CV writing service here, you will get a well written tailored resume that will increase your chances of landing an interview. We guaranteed that your application would not be lost in the pile of other applicants' documents.

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How To Write A Resume- What To Include And What To Exclude in a Resume

It might be possible that you have used our essay writing service in the past while you were still in college, and now you are moving to the next stage of applying to a position you have yearned for. But even if this is your first time on our site, we still want to make you a worthy candidate. To do this, we follow a few set of guidelines for writing great resumes.

  1. Covering All The Basics

The goal of a resume is to present not only your accomplishments but also your relevant skills with regards to the job you are applying for- and there are many ways to do that. But the essential elements in any resume include the relevant education and work experience, contact information, and relevant skills.

  • Education certifications and licenses- The importance of your certifications vary from one job to the other. If you have several certifications, select only those that are relevant to the job in question. If, by any chance, all certifications are crucial for a particular job, you MUST include them to have a competitive advantage over other applicants.
  • Relevant work experience- List your experiences starting with the most recent job. You may be tempted to include the details of all your past employment, but you shouldn’t. Instead, focus only on your previous jobs that are relevant to the particular job you are applying for.
  • Contact information- Basic personal information that you should include in your resume include your full name, email address, city, and phone number. Since these data are sensitive and we wouldn’t want it to be misused, you should be careful with whom you share your resume with. Always ensure that you counter check the legitimacy of the job you are applying for.
  • Relevant skills- These are some of the crucial skills that you want to highlight as those that you possess, which will enable you to do the job efficiently. It is also advisable that you specify your level of mastery, especially if you are highlighting aspects such as languages you are proficient in.

You should only include references if required. It is best practice not to include these details on the onset of the application unless it is categorically specified. This not only helps to preserve the privacy of your referees, but also saves on space, especially if you want to write a short and precise resume.

  1. Be Concise And Use As Few Words As You Can

Potential employers need to see your work experience, education certification, and skills at a glance. Since many job postings attract thousands of applications, employers usually skim through the resumes to check a certain number of applications. Rather than writing long paragraphs, write short and concise statements highlighting your achievements. For example, you can write statements such as “Reduced drop calls by 20%, thereby achieving a 90% success rate within six months.” This showcases your achievement in a short, concise, and clear manner.

A typical resume should be two pages, hence the need to squeeze all the essential information within these parameters. If you are at a crossroads on what is vital, always remember that crucial information is that which the employer is asking for in the job details and description.

Considering that you want to be hired to do a job that you love or at least like, refrain from including tasks that you dislike. Only keep the experiences that match that which the employer is looking for but at the same time with what you see yourself undertaking in your future position.

  1. Quantify Your Achievements

Figures and numbers bring a more realistic aspect to your work experience and quickly demonstrate the potential impact that you will have on the employer. Always back your achievements with numbers and data to boost the credibility of your work. For example, instead of saying, “Increased company sales,” you should say, “ Achieved a 30% increase in sales within six months, thereby boosting revenues by $20,000.”

  1. Always Use Keywords That Employers Use In Their Job Descriptions

Apart from using software to pre-select candidates based on their needs and their ability to match the job requirements, hiring managers also want candidates who speak the same language as themselves and are versed with the industry jargon. When the keywords they used in the job descriptions are mirrored in your resume, it reaffirms that you are the potential strong candidate they are looking for.

  1. Proofread

Typos and misspellings can cost you dearly. Your resume can be discarded early in the selection process due to grammar or stylistic errors. If proofreading is not your cup of tea, you can always hire resume proofreaders online. A thorough word-by-word proofread, reading, and re-reading your resume is a great way to correct minor mistakes that you would have missed at first. Don’t tire or be tempted to skip this step citing the repetitive and time-consuming nature of it.

How To Format A Resume

There are several ways you can format your resume. Choose a resume writing format depending on what you want to include in your resume. Chronological, hybrid, and functional styles serve their specific purposes, and you need to be careful so as not to get it wrong.

Of the three standard resume formats, the chronological format lists your work experience, starting with the latest. The functional format focuses on your accomplishments and qualifications instead of the jobs you have done. The hybrid format is written in such a way that the skills are written before your work history. Chronological format is the most used and is preferred by many hiring managers.

Make sure that you choose a format depending on the professional attributes you want to focus on. This is because it influences how hiring managers will assess your qualification from the onset of receiving your resume.

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