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Most job applications require applicants to send in a resume alongside other supporting documents such as the curriculum vitae and cover letter. In simple terms, a resume is a written document that compiles an applicant's skills, job experience, education level, and accomplishments in their line of work.

Your resume speaks volumes about you, and in most cases, it is the first document that your potential employer will go through before they get to meet you in person. Therefore, to increase your chances of landing the job that you are applying for, your resume needs to be well organized and thought out. Writing the best resume is very important now that the internet has made it possible for thousands of job seekers to apply for the same job position that you are applying for. AllwritingSolutions will ensure that your application is well placed for consideration by your potential employer. Order for our resume writing help now!

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How Is A Resume Different From The CV And Cover Letter? Resume Writing Help Guide

While most job applications require applicants to attach these three documents when applying for a job, it is crucial to be able to distinguish the differences between them to avoid confusion.

  • A resume is concise compared to the two; it is, on average, a page long. This is because they are not supposed to go into details on your past experiences. A cover letter can be a page or two, while a CV can be as long as it needs to be. It usually takes up to 3 to 4 pages on average.
  • While resumes are usually bulleted and straight to the point, cover letters, in this case, contain summarized and additional information expanding on the applicant’s accomplishments and skills relevant to the job that they are applying for. CV’s, in comparison, gives comprehensive and detailed information expanding on the applicant’s education and work history. Its main purpose is to establish credibility in the eyes of the hiring manager.

Why Is A Resume Important? Resume Writing Help Tips From Executive Resume Writers

Resumes are crucial, and they play a critical role during a job search. It is the first document that most prospective employers are drawn to so you must make an excellent first impression when writing one. A potential employer or hiring manager takes about 5-10 seconds on average to look at a resume before deciding whether the applicant should be shortlisted for an interview or not. That is why you need to ask for our reliable resume writing service.

Applicants spend most of their time looking at what they need to write in the resume rather than how it is supposed to be written. There is nothing wrong with that. One needs to find the perfect balance between the two to make it more appealing to the hiring manager. For every job position that you are seeking to apply for, remember to address the critical criteria that the prospective employer is looking for. And don’t forget about your cover letter. For tips on this, check our remarkable cover letter writing service.

Types Of Resumes

Before you sit down to write a resume, take your time, and choose the type of resume that will suit your style of writing. The style that you decide to go with will affect how your resume will be organized. Below are the different options and styles of resumes that are at your disposal.

  • The chronological resume is the most common type of resume. This kind is well suited for individuals with a strong work history background. If your career is just getting started, you should consider using a different type of resume.
  • The functional resume is best suited for individuals that lack a solid work history background; individuals changing careers are also advised to use this type of resume. The primary purpose of this resume is to highlight the individual’s professional skills and ability to perform.
  • The combination resume is a mixture of both the chronological resume and functional resume, this type of resume focuses on the individual’s skills which are highlighted at the top of the resume, just below it, one should briefly state some of the jobs that they have been a part of in the past in chronological order. The primary purpose of this resume is to convince the hiring manager that you are the best fit for the job.  
  • The Infographic resume contains graphic elements and text to organize your resume’s content. The applicants use graphics to design the resume’s layout, color, and font.
  • The targeted resume is a type of resume that is specifically designed for a particular job application. The applicants must update their resume’s anytime they apply for a job because employers will always know whenever a generic application is sent to them.
  • The non-traditional resume uses graphics, graphs, pictures, and other visual mediums to highlight the applicant’s skills and job experience. This type of resume is well suited for creative individuals who are looking to showcase their ability by creating a visually stunning and engaging resume. This type of resume is reserved for individuals who are in the creative profession like graphic designers.  
  • The profile resume briefly summarizes the applicant skills and experience relevant to the job that they are applying for; this type of resume is suitable for individuals with a limited work history.

Resume Outlines- Resume Writing Guide from Resume Writing Helpers

Every resume should at least contain information on your contacts, work history, and educational background. Additional information such as skills can be added in the case that they are relevant to the job that you are applying for. Below are the resume sections that you need to include in your application.

  • Contact - Your contact information should be well placed at the top of your resume. Right below, it remembers to include the following information. Your name, phone number, your location, your LinkedIn profile, and your email address. It is highly recommended that you have a professional LinkedIn account. Most employers are keen on this as they would want to confirm your claims making their work a bit easier.
  • Work History - The work history section is the most critical part of your resume, also referred to as the soul of your resume. Just below the heading, state the jobs that you have undertaken before in reverse chronological order. Ensure that every job subheading has the following information, the name of the company, where it is located, the job title, and the date of when you started working and when you stopped working. Below the job position subheading, briefly state your responsibilities and measurable contributions that you made towards the company. There is no need to mention all of your days to day duties that you performed, use the limited space available to you to highlight on the relevant skills that you possess to perform the tasks required from you.
  • Education - In the case that you are applying for a career that stresses on education like law or medicine, it is ok to provide the following information. The name of the institution, the course degree, the location of the school, and the number of years you attended the school. For an applicant that has recently graduated, place the education section on top of work history, remember to enlist the skills and extracurricular activities developed while in school, as they can prove to be very convenient for your resume giving you an edge over other applicants.
  • Skills - It is not compulsory to have the skills section on a resume, but it can be vital to list the relevant skills required by the job that you are applying for. It is not enough that you list those skills, add a bit of context to convince the hiring manager.
  • Awards - Similar to the skills section, the awards and honors section is not required, but in the case that there is space for one more section, it is necessary to mention some of the relevant awards and honors received. Doing this will not only increase your credibility, but it will also give you an edge over other applicants.

Ask For Our Resume Writing Help Service Now!

One needs to think of the resume as a document that they use to advertise themselves since it gives the potential employers an overview of what you are capable of in line with your qualifications. If you have trouble coming up with a comprehensive way of putting together an impressive resume, you must hire a professional resume writing expert who understands what employers are looking for in the job market. This kind of investment will help you secure the job that you desire. That is why we urge you to consult our professional resume writers to get the resume advice for all career levels and industries.

Remember to update your resume so that it remains accurate, state your level of education, the job titles that you have undertaken in the past, and the skills that you possess. This will help demonstrate your growth as a professional, convincing the hiring manager to give you a call for an interview.

Your resume needs to have a visual appeal to it. It needs to be neat and organized for the hiring manager even to have a look at it. The way your resume is presented says a lot about you because it reflects on your personality. Try our resume writing help!