The prices listed here are for writing services only, specified for 1 page (275 words). You will be able to view prices for other services using our automated calculator
Assignments that require specific software use such as SPSS, C++, STATA have a minimum price of $200.
All prices are in USD. You will be able to  choose currency during checkout
10 multiple-choice questions will be considered as one page
4 multiple choice questions with calculations will be considered as one page

We Take The Following Into Account When We Calculate The Price Of Your Order:

  •      The deadline
  •      The academic level
  •      Number of pages
  •      Spacing

Presentation Slides

  •      One PowerPoint slide will cost 50% of our price per page

Our A+ Features And Extras

  1. Plagiarism report- All our papers are custom and plagiarism free. For only $21, you can put your mind at ease by ordering a PDF format report which shows that your paper contains no plagiarism.
  2. Abstract Page- Are you in a rush and will not be able to read the whole paper delivered to you? Get a brief summary of your work for only $15.
  3. Copy of sources- You can now get the digital copies of sources used to write your paper. Wondering how to get them?  Pay $4.99 per source and get to read the articles or books used to write your essay.
  4. Table of contents- The table of content is crucial for your order since it serves as an outline and guides a reader of what to expect in your paper. Improve the visibility of your paper for only $9 with this feature.
  5. Editor's check- At times, you may need another English Native to read through your paper and ensure that everything is in place, and the structural components of an essay are top-notch. Add this feature to your order for $11.
  6. VIP customer service- With this feature, all your inquiries and messages will receive first priority. You will also get constant updates via text messages on the status of your order. Get this feature for only $9.
  7. Writer's Category- Our service has different writer categories that you can choose from.
  • "Best Available" means that any writer available at AllWritingSolutions who is qualified to work on your order. This option is free of charge.
  • "Preferred writer" means that you will choose the specific writer that you want by writing the writer ID on the order form. This mostly happens when you want to work with a writer that you had worked with before. We will do our best to provide you with the specific writer you have chosen. This feature costs an extra 20% of the value of your order.
  • "Advanced Writer" means that a specialist with advanced writing skills will work on your order. This feature costs an extra 25% of the value of your order.
  • "Premium Writer" means that our most experienced specialist will write your paper. This feature costs an extra 30% of the value of your order.


We offer the following types of discounts:

  • 5% discounts for orders above $1000
  • 10% discounts for orders above $2000