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How To Reword Text

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What Is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing refers to digesting information, writing it differently but still maintaining the original concept of the wording. Paraphrasing involves reading the context, understanding it then writing it down using your words. When paraphrasing, it is important that you keep note of the verbum dicendi (a Latin word used to refer to how someone utters a verb). The verbum dicendi functions as a declaratory expression used to indicate and signal that a sentence is about to be paraphrased; hence it acts as a transition from one statement to another.

For example, the examples given below seek to demonstrate to the audience how to spot a verbum dicendi in a statement.

  • “I will help you cut the grass if you help me with my homework,” Tom said.
  • “We played very well, but we still lost. That is ok because we live to fight another day.”
  • “I do not understand why some motorists are so entitled while on the road.” She said, feeling annoyed.

In the first example, you will rephrase the statement to this;

  • Tom promised to help me cut the grass if I help him with his homework.

In the second example, you will rephrase the statement to this;

  • He said that despite the team playing very well, they still ended up losing, and that is ok because they live to fight another day.

In the third example, you will rephrase the statement to this;

  • She said that she was annoyed by the motorists feeling that they are entitled to the road.

Referring to content used by another person and expressing it in a distinctive way to your audience and not altering is also another way to describe paraphrasing. It involves weeding out unnecessary jargon but still retaining the general idea of a sentence. If not careful, paraphrasing can be considered plagiarized if factual information has not been represented in the right manner if the subject in question has not been understood, or if the language used has not been altered. No synonyms are added, and structure remains the same as the one for the plagiarized material, and no credit has been given.

What Is Rewriting?

Rewriting refers to changing words or forms. Rewriting is done to improve the quality of a written piece or, in other words, to spice it up. It makes all the difference between high-quality writing and poor writing. No one can be able to express their first written work perfectly- that is why they seek the service of paraphrasing and rewriting service to help them.

One has to be creative to master rewritology because you have to come up with a new essay or article. Not even the best authors are known in the world. Some sentences might be overly elongated, some may contain too many cliches, and some may lack uniformity. The list is endless. Unlike paraphrasing, rewriting changes the meaning of the original sentence in a way. It can be viewed as an evolved juncture in editing.

 Changing sentences contained in paragraphs, rewording certain sentences, deleting some all to improve the quality of what is to be conveyed describes rewriting. It involves small gradual changes, and with every change, the sentences are made less monotonous, more interesting. Due to that, the whole writing takes the shape the writer wants the report or material delivered in.

What Are The Mechanisms Involved In Rewriting?

  1. Rephrasing- Unlike paraphrasing, rephrasing involves rewriting a text in a manner that avoids all plagiarism. It is near impossible to rewrite any text without rephrasing it. Rephrasing is challenging but attainable with enough knowledge and confidence.
  2. Revising page headers- A header is a text that appears at the top of a printed page. For academic purposes, the header contains a page number, including the author's last name. Alternatively, it may contain the abbreviated format of the title. They are easy to revise and should be both catchy and interesting for readers as well as bot-friendly.
  3. Reconstructing paragraphs- To maintain the interest of the reader, paragraphs are reconstructed and restructured in a way that makes them interesting. During this process, sentence order is also changed.
  4. Refurbishing facts- Statistics and facts change daily and due to this, they are updated daily. It is a challenge, but to remain current, updates have to be made every so often.
  5. Optimizing your website for search engines- This enables you to gain visibility through unpaid search engine results. You will not be required to spend money on organic traffic on your website is relevant enough.
  6. Incorporating hooks in your paragraphs- For your writing to be exciting to your readers, adding hooks to the beginning and end of your report is crucial. Hooks engage your audience in a way that sparks curiosity in them, and when curiosity is sparked, your readers fall in love with your writing. Hooks can appear in the form of questions that relate to your report, in the form of declarations where you make a strong statement then continue to give supporting facts, in a factual form where you give actual and real statistics regarding a certain topic, in the form of descriptions, in the form of a figure of speech and also using quotes.
  7. Skepticism- Practicing skepticism and asking questions about the worth of your writing makes you a worthy writer and makes your writing also worthy.

Examples of Paraphrased Sentences


“Marlon is studying psychology. He is a bright student. “


“Marlon enjoys learning. He is currently studying psychology at the university.


“Due to his hardworking and determination, Marlon gets the highest grades in his academia.

Any article, draft, or speech written only once without being paraphrased or rewritten is never good enough. Mistakes occur while making the first draft, but there’s always room for error because that can be changed. One should never settle for writing that is only good enough.  Some words can be rewritten, others reworded, some deleted, all in an attempt to gain satisfying work. Some people rewrite and paraphrase their work more than five times before being satisfied with it.

How Is Paraphrasing And Rewriting Important And Advantageous?

A direct quotation is not encouraged in universities, and this is where paraphrasing comes in handy. When writing, students source materials from different sources then convey them according to their understanding. A report or an essay cannot just be copied as-is straight to your paper. It is not acceptable.

Lectures and professors need to know that you have understood the material you have read and can note it down in your own words as well according to how you have understood it.

Rewriting your work means that one gets to review their work and draft it again to avoid mistakes and make necessary corrections.

While rewriting and paraphrasing by yourself dramatically improves one’s writing skills, our paraphrasing and rewriting services delivers work that can be directly handed in for grading. Paraphrasing enables you to gain a wider breadth in your written work. It offers a chance to talk more and offer more on the opinions that you believe in that others have already stated. It also gives one a chance to give their point of view on matters.

It is highly important to present a unique work. This, in turn, means that one uses alternatives and variety for the references sourced. Rewriting and paraphrasing create space between your work and the referenced narrative, which broadens uniqueness.

Clarity and accuracy should be what one strives to deliver. Rewriting and paraphrasing ensure that the first draft of your essay is clarified to best suit your targeted audience.

Paraphrasing and rewriting give your written work a flow. When writing your college paper or thesis, one needs to research the course of writing, and often find good information that should have been contained at the beginning of the paper. This random writing can make your research paper appear self-contradictory. Our paraphrasing and rewriting service corrects that.

“Throwing out the rubbish” is a metaphor used to describe our essay service. You may find that while doing your writing, some sentences were constructed wrong unexpectedly. Our paraphrasing and rewriting service ensure that all the unwanted bits in your sentences are gotten rid of to remain with the best quality work possible.

How To Paraphrase an Essay in 8 Easy Steps

  • Reading- Reading involves going through the written document over and over again until you grasp the content. It’s perfectly okay to read it more than ten times, if possible, just to understand the overall idea of what is meant in every main idea and sentence. It is important to note that all the text should be read before commencing with paraphrasing and rewriting.
  • Take note of major and key concepts- Once you have understood the meaning of the given text, make sure to gather all key terms as they will guide you when paraphrasing content. Key terms help one not stray too far from the integrity of the original text. This, in turn, means that the meaning does not change.
  • Drafting- If you have to read the sentence, do it out loud. When you have also grasped the key concepts in the given sentence, close the source where you are reading the material from. Write down, according to what you have understood, your version of the sentence. Steer away from checking the original sentence until you are done drafting your sentences. Use simple wording to help you draft your sentences easily.
  • Summarize- First, make a verbal summary then in your own words, write what idea revolves around the whole topic and also all the other supporting points that explain the general idea.
  • Compare Sentences- Get the original material and note the similarities between those and the one you have drafted. If they are too similar, draft another sentence by rewording some of the text and also make use of a dictionary to find other synonyms so that the sentences do not remain too similar. Ensure to keep all the main points so that the actual meaning isn’t altered.
  • Citation- For a good essay or a report, students often have to refer to various materials and books for information. Ensure to quote and reference all authors the material is sourced from to avoid plagiarism. Using other people’s work that has already been published is not wrong as long as you paraphrase it and are conscious enough to apply the required proper citations and give credit where it is due. Take note of quotes that you might need to take directly from the reference material.
  • Record- Ensure that you keep a record of all reference materials because it might be used again in the future.
  • Final check- Every good paper writer knows that to deliver exceptional work, your final draft has to be checked to ensure that all main points have been noted and that no useful information has been omitted.

Paraphrasing Tips- Effective Paraphrasing Strategy

  • Although adding synonyms is key- Do not only rely on the online paraphrasing software or the thesaurus to paraphrase sentences. Rely on your meaning of the sentence. Most people tend to assume that these computerized programs are better at constructing and deconstructing sentences, that might be true in some cases, but I will not recommend it maybe as a last resort because you should reach out and seek the services of a paraphrasing professional who is capable of giving you a complete and well-revised content of your work.
  • Read sentences aloud and first allow yourself time to think about them. Sometimes we notice simple grammatical mistakes when we read what we have written out loud. If there is an error, you will be able to hear it prompting you to adjust accordingly. Even after you are done reading it loud yourself, you will need another person that is close to you so that they can give you a second opinion as they might be able to notice some of the things that you might have missed.
  • Change most words but keep key information. Mentioned earlier are some of the methods and techniques that you can be able to apply so that you can paraphrase easily. Keenly adhere to the directions provided, as this will make paraphrasing easier for you. Be keen on the keywords; know what to change and what to keep. There is a formula for how correct paraphrasing is done. You just have to make sure that you abide by those simple grammatical rules.
  • To create a paragraph, move the first sentence to the last and vice versa. This is just the basic formula on how to paraphrase most statements. It is easy, and it works-you just have to make sure that you do not change or alter the meaning of the statement.
  • Never leave out citations. This is important because in case this happens, your work might be seen as unoriginal resulting in plagiarism. Referencing and giving credit where it is due is not that difficult. Therefore, one has to ensure that no credits or citations have been left out to avoid the consequences that might come with it.
  • Signal phrases are always useful when sourcing information. They are originally known as verbum dicendi. It is not that hard to spot them. These verbs are important when paraphrasing as they are crucial to your statement retaining its original meaning. Always watch out for them first before you can paraphrase.
  • Do not change the overall meaning of the original author and also avoid plagiarism at all costs. Mentioned above are other tips explaining how one can retain the original meaning of the sentence while also avoiding plagiarism at all costs.

Rewriting Tips- Great Rewriting Tips That Really Work

  • Read the original writing over and over again as many times as possible. They say that practice makes perfect, and this is no different. Going over your work as many times as possible ensures that you have a full grip of whatever you are reading, making it easily understandable for you as you rewrite it.
  • Understand the content is key because you have to know the most important parts of the content that need to be retained and the ones that need to be rewritten so that the content sticks up to the narrative objective.
  • Come up with your own spiced up and engaging introduction. Most readers or reviewers will spend an average of not more than 6 to 8 seconds just looking at your introduction. From this statement, you can tell that a catchy and impressionable introduction will do wonders for you. All you need to do is to ensure that your work is engaging from the word go. This will make sure that your readers are locked in and ready to go all the way with you, but first, you need to impress them with your introduction.
  • Use headings and subheadings to make a rather elongated section readable. Long paragraphs that are closely packed together can make up for horrendous writing since all those words close together can prove to be boring most of the time. It is good to include headings and subheadings since it makes it easier for the reader just to read since headings and subheadings also help beautify the page making your work look neat. It also enables a reader to locate easily and know where he or she is in the case that they need to take a break for a while.
  • If possible, include visual pieces such as pie charts, bars, and graphics. Having this as additional information is just icing on the cake. It proves that you have been taking your work seriously, separating you from other writers. Additional information is a great supplement to what you already have in context.
  • Graphics use should be kept minimal. This is because graphics can sometimes distract the person reading, marking, or reviewing your work. A little bit of it is fine for formatting and beautification purposes, but a little bit too much is pretty distractive and can detract your reader from focusing on the main thing, which is supposed to be the content of your work.
  • Share your thoughts and new ideas with your readers. When it comes to writing, knowing how to communicate your ideas and thoughts is key to how well you connect with your readers. If they can follow and understand whatever you are trying to communicate, they will be impressed. If it is an academic writing piece, then you will simply end up scoring high or doing pretty much well on whatever platform that it was meant to be in.
  • Last but not least, you should try your best not to follow the order of the original document. It is good to gather ideas from other sources when writing as it helps to increase your intellect- plus a document that inspires you also shows you how to go about with your structuring and outlining. It also helps you with ideas on how you can effectively communicate on paper. However, it is not recommended that you copy or follow in simultaneous order whatever your role model has done. Instead, get the inspiration and make sure that you go out of your way and do something different with your writing so that it sounds like your own. Originality is the most prized possession when it comes to writing. Readers and reviewers alike are looking for personalities in writing.

What Essay Materials Can Be Rewritten and Paraphrased

Paraphrasing and Rewriting Websites and Website Content

All websites, whether personal or not, require content. This content further refers to all the files, audio and visual, text, any applications or services, and all images prepared and issued on a webpage. Finding the right content that is original and that best captures and engages your targeted is important if you wish to have a thriving website. Written material is a must-have for all websites. One cannot simply copy and paste text from other websites- it has to be creative and fit your narrative of how you want the website presented. That’s where paraphrasing and rewriting come in, to write content that speaks of your website individually.

Paraphrasing and Rewriting Business Plans

A business plan is a guide and also a roadmap that curves out your goals about business and indicates how you plan to attain the curved goals. To write an exemplary business plan, you have first to choose the right kind of business that best suits you. Secondly, there are key components that every business plan should contain that have to be further discussed in detail. Most importantly, the plan written is what is usually needed, as it is the process required to beget the growth of the actual business. It will have reworded, rewritten, rephrase for it to become realistic and that it best communicates to the team carrying it out. Due to changes that occur globally daily, sometimes you may have to revisit the business plan and make changes to best fit with the changing times. That is when you should pay for our paraphrasing and rewriting service.

Rewriting and Paraphrasing Essays

It is not uncommon for undergraduate and graduate students to write essays or even dissertations. More often than not, lecturers will require you to write coursework papers on a particular subject. You will be required to paraphrase and rewrite from various sources. You will have to reference material that is not your own and individualize it into your own to bring out a clear meaning of what is already known. Essays have to flow, errors have to be corrected, and new paragraphs have to be created. So, writing the first draft of the essay and handing it in is never just satisfactory. It may cost you your grades. To get the desired result of your essay, paraphrasing and rewriting essays is a necessary option. It will give your lecturer the picture that you have read and understood the subject or topic well enough.

Rewriting and Paraphrasing Instructions

Instructions refer to rules, requirements, and guidelines laid down to adhere to. Instructions ensure that things are done in the correct form and manner. If you are a manager in a business firm, often, you need to write instructions for employees to follow it to ensure the smooth running of operations. Manuals for safety instructions also need to be rewritten and paraphrased from time to time. Quotations in an essay or report can only be done sparingly. Short quotations are more acceptable than longer ones.

Paraphrasing and Rewriting Personal Statements

Personal statements can be defined as essays that a student writes while applying for a place at the university level, whether for business school, graduate programme, college, law school, and any type of gifted programme you might wish to pursue. They are crucial, especially when trying to gain a scholarship programme. Personal statements allow you to talk about yourself and why you would be the best candidate to be allowed to fit into the university’s programme. You not only need to write about why you may wish to join a particular programme, but also why the university itself would gain from admitting you.  For a strong personal statement, you will need to write about your life experiences and give them your individual beliefs. Your life story has to go hand in hand and compliment the programme you are applying for. Before drafting a final, personal statement that correctly describes you, what you are capable of, and your goals rewriting and paraphrasing will come in handy.

Paraphrasing and Rewriting Articles

An article refers to a section of writing in a newspaper, magazine, journal, or any other form of publication. Your beliefs and opinions about certain topics made into a publication for the world to view make up an article. The correct format of an article contains the writer’s name, a heading, the body of the article, which contains the main part of the writing, and lastly, a conclusion which states one’s opinion. As a writer, you have to be organized with your ideas and know who you are targeting with the article to deliver the article in the correct form and writing. It should remain unique and relevant to your audience and also easy to read. For it to hit the targeted audience and convey the proper message, it has to be rewritten paraphrased sometimes even more than once to gain the correct coherence.

Paraphrasing and Rewriting Job Application Letters

An application letter is also known as a cover letter. It is written to show your employers why you deserve to be allowed to work with them. It is a self-selling point for your skills and experience. One needs to heed detail to the format and does not contain errors to make it as professional as possible otherwise. Managers may drop you because your cover letter was not up to their standards.

Tips on Avoiding Plagiarism When Paraphrasing: How to Avoid Plagiarism in Easy Steps

All writing sourced electronically should never be copied because plagiarism is an offense that is punishable by law in most countries. Plus, you risk wasting all the effort that you have put into compiling and putting together your work.

  • Insert quotes to all electronic sources of information. Quoting a well-known saying or statement from another author can prove to be risky if you are not going to make the necessary citations or credits.
  • Make summaries and cite sources. Summaries are good for your readers because they can get a good and proper highlight of the content that you are presenting. We cannot stress this enough. Do not forget to make the necessary citations if there are any. Excuses like forgetting will just be considered sheer carelessness on the readers' part.
  • Avoid closely paraphrasing any writings. This is as a result of not preparing well enough. There are lots of content out there on the internet and other relevant sources. You just have to look hard enough. Good preparation will guarantee you more content than you will ever need for your content. This will, in turn, help you avoid squeezing all the content from one source as it will end up making your work look like it was plagiarized when you were not trying to.
  • Do not include wrong bibliographies and citations. Be careful that you do not get caught making the wrong citation and bibliographies. After you are done, go over your work and double-check to see if the bibliographies and the citations have been correctly made. This simple gesture will ensure that your work is well revised and good to go
  • When translating from one language to another, include citation of the original material.
  • Do not include bogus sources.

Online Paraphrasing Tools Vs. Human Paraphrasing Experts

Are there automatic paraphrasing tools online that can beat human paraphrasing experts? Well, there are tons of online paraphrasing tools. However, paraphrasing essays can be complex, and you need professionals to rewrite your essays instead of using online tools that will only spin your text. We have searched, time and again, for good sentence rephrasing tools, and although we found a few, none of them could rephrase paragraphs correctly.

We decided to provide the paraphrasing and rewriting service and offer you the platform to get the best English paraphrasing service. We guaranteed that you would not find any other website that offers top-notch paraphrasing services that create better content than us. We can rephrase essays and articles, sentences, and phrases.

Avoid plagiarism using our best paraphrasing service and engage the number one rewriting service on the web.

Why We Offer the Best Paraphrasing and Rewriting Service

We pay attention to detail, and delivering professional paraphrasing and rewriting service that caters to your every need of every individual is what we do best. The paraphrasing and rewriting service caters to all academic levels, undergraduates, masters, or Ph.D.

  • Professionalism- All the writers are highly skilled and have the conduct required for a professional writer. The AllWritingSolutions team is committed to delivering quality work, so we make it our daily mission to gather knowledge from all fields because successful writing requires extensive knowledge that is up to date. Building expertise requires catching up with the changing times. We don’t make excuses for failed work but focus on delivering on our promises and honoring commitments. Whether working under pressure or not, we ensure to remain accountable for our actions and do everything to exhibit competency.
  • We have all the right equipment- Delivering good quality work requires that writers possess all the right tools needed to write the best work.
  • No late deliveries- Having the right tools needed to write a certain report or essay, possessing the right knowledge and respecting time are all the right things required to ensure that work is delivered on time. We offer originally written work in accordance with the given deadline.
  • We offer plagiarised free work- We understand that plagiarized work can cost you greatly. We read and understand all topics. We do not copy-paste anyone’s paper. If quotes are used, we ensure to mention where it was referenced from. We take plagiarism seriously as it has major repercussions in both universities and other professional areas. We understand that it is an ethical issue, the same as benefiting from theft. It puts one’s integrity in question. We do not allow credit to be taken from the original writer. We avoid plagiarism by including proper citations by identifying names of sources and following the required style guides. We put quotation marks to sentences that are not privately owned and include citations to ensure acknowledgment of where the quotation came from, we read and understand the material to be paraphrased and reword it in our manner and also include citation because it came from someone’s ideas. The online plagiarism checker is another tool used to look for plagiarism in papers, and we are not shy about using it all to do the best to avoid plagiarism. The online tool helps us figure out if any parts of our written papers have been plagiarized. They are then highlighted if plagiarism occurs and from that make the necessary corrections.
  • Choosing our service saves you time- University work can be tiresome and relentless at times. You might have numerous assignments on your hands and have a big idea of how to juggle them all at once into fo not need to strain and overwork yourself. Placing your works in our safe hands will guarantee you time to finish other tasks or to relax and reboot your mind. We handle the tasks of writing and hand you back your paper on time, and not only that, but ensure that you get the best grades for it.
  • We work around the clock- Working around the clock means that we keep ourselves busy with your paper day in and out until we curve the best quality work possible. You can make your requests for our service at any time of day you feel most comfortable with. We are hard at work.
  • We offer the best quality papers- Satisfaction is a key selling point in our service. For one to be satisfied, the work has to be of the best quality, and with our professional writers, good quality work never fails. We guarantee satisfaction for every paper submitted.
  • We believe in individualism- We know that every client has their individual needs. Once you contact us, we cater to your needs as an individual client and make them our priority.
  • Reasonable prices- We do not charge hefty prices for our work, unlike other services. We are cost-effective. We ensure that the prices are affordable, especially for students who are not yet income earners. We offer average prices for our services and deliver exemplary work in return.

Who Can Use Your Paraphrasing and Rewriting Service?

Students can use our paraphrasing and rewriting service at any level of study and from any university. We offer the best professional writing help since we liaise with the world’s best academics.

This service is particularly useful to rephrase students’ text from undergraduate through to Ph.D.

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