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Plagiarism cases have increased over the years after the advancement of plagiarism detecting methods like the use of online plagiarism checkers. For the students reading this, the immense pressure brought about by people such as tutors who are expecting you to do well and attain good grades can result in the student seeking an easier way out, driving the student to take desperate measures and therefore plagiarize since it requires less effort. There are other students who have other responsibilities such as attending to their family needs or even have part-time jobs that might take most of their time. Some of the students in this category may choose to plagiarize since it offers them an easy way out.

The truth about plagiarism is that it requires less effort to execute but the consequences that come with it is not worth the risk since it may lead to suspension or expulsion and depending on what content was plagiarized it might even lead to one getting sued and imprisoned since plagiarism can also be considered a form of intellectual theft. That is why is always advisable to seek a free and reliable plagiarism checking and removal service online.

Many students and writers out there feel that there is no need to check for plagiarism in their work because they think that their work is a hundred percent original and would therefore not need the services of a plagiarism checker. However, as human beings, we are prone to making mistakes either knowingly or unknowingly, and when it comes to plagiarism.

Plagiarism checkers are not there so that you may test your ability and capacity in being honest but rather, it is there to detect and identify some form of plagiarism that may have gone unidentified since this kind of mistake is bound to happen from time to time. The use of plagiarism checkers can be regarded as one of the most effective means of detecting and identifying plagiarism since the service is readily available on the internet and easy to access and use. Most online plagiarism checkers, such as that for AllWritingSolutions are free.

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Plagiarism Detectors- How Online Plagiarism Checkers Work

There are a lot of plagiarism checkers on the internet. These programmed software help to detect plagiarism in essays, research papers, dissertations, book reports, coursework among other written documents. Plagiarism checkers have greatly revolutionized and contributed to how plagiarism is handled in learning institutions. This is because the details and information presented by the plagiarism checkers after reviewing a written document for plagiarism may determine factors such as the extent to which plagiarism may have been committed. These factors help in determining the repercussions and consequences that one should face if found guilty of the act.

So, how does plagiarism checkers work in order to ensure that they have correctly detected and identified plagiarized content? First of all, one needs to note that these checkers work by identifying bits of writing that is similar to another written document. They do this by checking for segments of words in different statements and sentences in all databases available online. By comparing the manual technique of identifying plagiarism used in the early ages to the modern way of detecting plagiarism by the use of the internet plagiarizing software you will notice that the modern technique is by far the most efficient technique.

At AllWritingSolutions, we offer free plagiarism checking and removal services. We will ensure that your work is a hundred percent original and free from plagiarism. When you order for this service, you get a plagiarism report to show that your final work contains no traces of plagiarism. We use the most updated software to check for plagiarism. This software is a hundred percent accurate and efficient in detecting and identifying plagiarism

Key Features Present In Our 100% Free Online Plagiarism Checker for students

At AllWritingSolutions, we have developed our own plagiarism checking software that helps detect and identify plagiarized content. We are keen on making sure that we provide our clients with the best free online plagiarism detector and that is why we had to ensure that the software contains the key features mentioned below for efficiency and effectiveness purposes.

  • Multiple Web Pages- Our software has the capacity to run your document against billions of web pages available on the internet. This process only takes a few seconds before your results can be ready. We provide the most efficient plagiarism checker online since it is fast and provides quality scanning of your work. Our database has the capacity to compare your work against a billion web pages in the shortest time possible.
  • Automatic Paraphrasing Feature- In the case that your work has a bit of plagiarized content, our software will help correct it by just one click. This is made possible by another key feature in our software that allows the system to correctly paraphrase your work updating it immediately- this feature is inbuilt and it is absolutely free of charge.
  • Multiple Formats- Our AI-based anti-plagiarism checker allows our users to upload all kinds of document formats whether it is doc, txt, ODT, RTF, and PDF. Our free online plagiarism test tool accepts all kinds of digital document formats making it user friendly.
  • Plagiarism Report- Our software allows the user to download the plagiarism report, which comes in handy when one is needed to provide proof that their written essays are indeed original.
  • Sharing- Aside from allowing users to download the plagiarism report generated, our anti-plagiarism engine also allows the user to share this report with others if need be. Awesome!
  • Storage- Our software allows users to upload files and documents from multiple storage points such as Google drive or even the local storage units in your computer or device. Our software is highly compatible with most digital devices.
  • Results- Our duplication checker gives out plagiarism results in percentages. This is important because, in some institutions, there is a percentage level in plagiarism that every student must adhere to. So, getting your results in percentage form allows you to gauge your work ensuring that you attain the maximum percentage level required.

Plagiarism Aspects in Academics and Outside the Academic Sphere

When it comes to academics, everyone involved in the system whether it’s the students, teaching staff, or researchers are all subject to punishment incurred for plagiarism practices. Plagiarism is also regarded as the epitome of academic dishonesty within the academic framework. In some of the educational institutions, plagiarism offenses are punishable by suspension or even in some cases expulsion. With regard to this, some institutions have taken the approach of offering writing courses with clearly articulated codes that need to be honored within the school. These writing courses act as a form of practice that prepares students for their final test where they will be required to write a thesis or dissertation. Some institutions have developed online plagiarism checkers that help them detect any form of plagiarized content in their student’s papers.

When it comes to other writings that are outside the academic sphere, plagiarism is a well-known breach of writing ethos. This is why plagiarism can result in the plagiarist getting fined, suspended, or even arrested when found guilty of this crime. Most of these people who get caught plagiarizing usually claim that the practice was done unintentionally since they forgot to cite and quote the original producers of the work. However, as much as this explanation might be true, it can also be considered to be an ignorant statement since writers are required to be wary of such things in their line of work.

The development of the internet has proven to be a two-edged sword when it comes to writing, both in academics and outside academics. While it has had a positive impact by making it easier for the relevant institutions to detect plagiarized content it has also made it easier for the other side to plagiarize content as well since there are multiple sources of materials on the internet that one may easily reproduce for their own gains. As much as the internet has provided programs and software that allows the detection and removal of plagiarized content, also referred to as online plagiarism checkers, the internet has also provided paraphrasing software that can help students to interchange or substitute certain key statements and sentences in order to avoid plagiarism detection.

Different Forms of Academic Plagiarism

Plagiarism in academics does not have a universal code that defines whether the wrongful use of content has been committed. However, under this section, using examples, we are going to guide you through the process under which students use to commit plagiarism. On the surface, most students know that plagiarism entails the use of somebody else’s ideas, expression, concept, and works without acknowledging the original creators in a proper way especially in a setting or field where originality is the order of the day. According to Teddy Fishman, the elements that characterize academic plagiarism are

  • The use of one’s works, expression, structure, or concept
  • The wrongful attribution and citation of the content or work in question.
  • Not attributing or citing the original producer at all.
  • The use of somebody else’s intellectual property for any form of personal benefit or gain.

The Common Types of Plagiarism and How To Avoid Them Using An Online Plagiarism Checker

There are different forms of academic plagiarism. Most students engage in these practices knowingly or unknowingly, mostly because they want to complete their work fast. Below are some of the tactics and strategies used;

  • The submission of someone else’s work passing them off as your own.
  • Copy-pasting some of the passages and paragraphs from other sources without making the appropriate and necessary citations.
  • The inclusion of certain keywords without mentioning the sources of the information.
  • The use of quotations without mentioning the sources under which you had received the information.
  • The combination of keywords from different sources with the intention of twisting the statements so that the plagiarism is not detected.
  • Half citations whereby other parts are cited while the other parts aren’t when the whole written part is a fully plagiarized statement or content.
  • The interweaving of cited and uncited parts of the content together with the aim of bringing out a different meaning.
  • The act of close paraphrasing with words or ideas that looks to have been changed but certain aspects like the structure and formatting is left unchanged.
  • The inaccurate citation of a source.
  • The full dependency on the originally produced content to the point that one is unable to clearly bring out and articulate their own ideas.

You can always use our online plagiarism checker to detect any of these.

After the end of a literature review on plagiarism in 2019, it was revealed that the form of plagiarism used was influenced by the linguistic layers or models that affect how that content is presumed. Some of the language models used are;

  • Syntax- When it comes to linguistics, syntax refers to the set of rules that guide how one can structure and outline their words and texts in order to make a comprehensive and meaningful sentence or statement. The word syntax can also be used to define the processes and guidelines under which the activities described above are achieved.
  • Lexis-In linguistics, lexis is used to refer to all the possible set of words available. For example, the words man, men, men’s all fall under a particular line of lexis or lexicon.
  • Semantics- In the world of linguistics, semantics can be defined as the study of language with the intent of coming up with a philosophical meaning for it. Semanticists are interested in how language signifiers such as words are connected to their symbols.

It is good to know that our number one online plagiarism checker cannot only detect plagiarism but also help in rewriting your text to ensure that you conform to correct syntax and semantics.

The linguistic models mentioned above are responsible for the forms and methods under which plagiarizing students use to approach content in which they plan to reproduce. Below are forms that show the reasoning and intentions behind how students approach plagiarizing.

  • In situations where the student is looking to preserve the character, they will resort to the duplication of verbatim without the appropriate citation of the author or the original producer.
  • In a situation whereby the student is seeking to preserve syntax, the student will resort to substituting words and texts for their synonyms or applying the technical disguise technique where one uses glyphs and symbols to represent the relevant alphabets that they are intending to use.
  • In a situation where the student is looking to preserve the semantics of the language, they will resort to the translation and paraphrasing techniques so as to change the wording and the arrangement of the texts while still retaining the overall meaning of the statement.
  • In situations whereby the student is looking to preserve the idea of their work, they will be inclined towards appropriating concepts while also reusing a similar structure in texts.
  • When it comes to ghostwriting, students will seek the services of their brighter peers or that of a professional essay writer. These services involve paying someone else to write and present a piece of work or content on your behalf.

But even after using these strategies you still need to confirm that your paper is free from plagiarism by checking it using an online plagiarism checker.

Different Factors That Can Influence a Student's Decision to Plagiarize

There have been multiple studies conducted with the intention of learning the things that might make students resort to plagiarism practices. Below are the results of the studies conducted-

  • The number one and main reason as to why students resorted to plagiarizing is because most students are lazy and procrastinate a lot. This is not surprising as the majority of them find it difficult to commit to a project that requires a hundred percent dedication and thorough research. This has been identified as the coping mechanism under which students apply in order to deal with negative academic consequences such as scoring and attaining low grades. They could avoid all these by dedicating their time to writing papers and using an online plagiarism checker to counter check that they are 100% original. 
  • The second reason as to why students turn to plagiarizing is if the practice itself is seen as beneficial since it involves less hassle and thinking. Most students are young adults who prefer to get through life by taking the easy way out. However, taking the easy way out can prove to carry dire consequences since there is a probability that you may get caught.
  • The third reason that can greatly influence a student’s need to plagiarize is when there is an open opportunity presented to them that leaves room for cheating. Multiple studies on plagiarism have shown that plagiarism has greatly increased in the past two decades with more plagiarism cases being identified in the last twenty years than in the previous a hundred years. The reason for this is the availability of information that can be copy-pasted with a few clicks. This basically means some students cheat because the space that they are in provides that opportunity for them to do so.
  • Another reason as to why many students plagiarize in this day and age is because of ignorance. Almost every other student knows what plagiarism entails but they still ignore the importance of using online plagiarism checkers. They are usually discouraged and taught to avoid copying a fellow student’s work from a very young age; so from this, you can see that when they grow up, they have already been subjected to the fact that duplicating somebody else’s piece of work is wrong and unacceptable. Most lecturers and professors in the universities will feel that they are not obligated to take students through what it means to reproduce and plagiarize because they assume that you should have that knowledge already. This is true to some extent because as a student, you have an individual responsibility of doing your own research so as to know how you are expected to prepare for exams and the rules and regulations involved in doing so.

Self Plagiarizing- What is it?

Self-plagiarizing is the act that involves an individual reproducing their own work or ideas that had already been published in the past. One may ask, “How is it considered theft when you are technically reusing your work?” Well, according to scholars, this form of plagiarizing can lead to complications during the publication of the document especially if the idea is being presented as something new. Another form of self-plagiarizing is the publication of similarly identical papers or documents in different publication firms.

The Negative Effects of Self-Plagiarizing

Self- plagiarizing may seem to be a harmless practice committed by authors, who continue to ignore the importance of online plagiarism checkers. As much as it does not involve intellectual theft from other people there are many other reasons as to why self-plagiarizing should remain illegal.

  • It does not foster intellectual growth and development- There is an unspoken general assumption among authors dictating that every published manuscript should contain new knowledge and information that advances the human understanding of the world. So, by self-plagiarizing, an author does not help improve or advance this fundamental law. Another reason for this is, self-plagiarizing does not foster intellectual growth since one does not learn anything new by reproducing a similar thing over and over again.
  • It might lead to copyright infringement- When it comes to publication, authors and writers are required to hand over or share the copyright details with the publication house, and while the author still owns the rights to the ideas and content, the publication in turn owns the publishing rights of that particular piece of work and it is because of this reason many authors will seek the advice of their respective publications before they can make decisive decisions involving the written document. Failure to do this may result in legal action taken against the author. There are some publications that do allow authors to reuse and reproduce their own texts and ideas for so long the original publication is cited and referenced.
  • It might lead to publication delays or cancellation- With technology improving every now and then when it comes to identifying and detecting plagiarized content in the form of programmed software, there is a high chance and probability that journals will soon catch up with the author for plagiarizing content and this will in turn result to the author’s work getting pulled down or delayed inconveniencing them in the process.

Disadvantages of Plagiarism and Why We Recommend Use Of Online Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism in itself is seen to be a bad practice that should not be encouraged within the society. Below are some of the common disadvantages that come with plagiarizing somebody else’s work.

  • In order to utilize the full potential of one’s brainpower, one should shun away from committing plagiarism. Students who take their research seriously are always going to end up learning and honing their academic skills. Most students who plagiarize never learn anything new because they are too busy incorporating other people's texts and ideas and presenting them as their own.
  • In the world of academics, plagiarism is considered to be a form of academic dishonesty since the content being presented isn’t original. In the case that a student is found guilty of committing this vice, there are consequences that follow ranging from suspension to expulsion depending on the severity of the situation.
  • Before one gets to plagiarize, it is important that they do a cost and benefit analysis of the action that they are about to undertake. The reason for this is that plagiarism is considered to be a high-risk activity with the chances of one getting caught increasing every day due to the improvement in technology which has improved plagiarism detection and identification. Undertaking a cost-benefit analysis will always guide you into making better decisions and in this case, avoiding plagiarism will always be a better option compared to practicing it. We recommend to always use online plagiarism checkers.
  • Plagiarism can potentially mean an end to one’s academic and professional career if found guilty. For other perpetrators, plagiarism might result in a minor suspension or even an expulsion if the case is severe. The major problem with this situation is that there will be an academic violation in your student’s record discouraging other academic institutions from giving you another chance because they fear that you might repeat the same mistake if the opportunity presents itself again.

The Legal Aspects of Plagiarism

In many countries around the world, plagiarism is seen as a crime and it is punishable by law. Copyright infringement is seen to be a violation of intellectual property in many countries across the globe. In many cases, plagiarism tends to overlap when it comes to deciding the extent to which one can reproduce the content in a way that can be considered original and that is why cases like these are common in the courts of law.

Depending on the country that you live in, one can be imprisoned and sentenced for plagiarism if found guilty while in other countries they might just let you go with a fine. But you can avoid all these by using a renowned online plagiarism checker.

A lot of students moving to study abroad are the ones who usually get caught up the most when it comes to plagiarizing. The main reason for this is because, in some other nations, plagiarism is something that isn’t that much frowned upon while in other countries it is strictly forbidden. So, it can be hard for students moving to study abroad to transit to these new rules and regulations leading to them being caught up in the act either knowingly or unknowingly.

There has been an argument against plagiarism stating that it is ok to use someone else’s work as the fulcrum or the basis under which your work is based upon resulting in something new and original. For many, this argument makes sense but most scholars and lawmakers have chosen to uphold that law and, in their defense, they have stated that it is due to the fact that the person plagiarizing will get some sort of credit whether it be academic or monetary just to name a few. It is the fact that the person plagiarizing stands to benefit something out of reproducing someone else’s work and in some cases that can be passed by the court as fraud as well. The explanation and the perspective presented allows the law to stand on intellectual property.

Not all forms of plagiarism are considered to be a crime, some may be passed off as competition that is why there are a lot of court cases on plagiarism in courts since there is a thin line separating what form of plagiarism can be considered legal or illegal and unacceptable. This debate was resolved when it was concluded that in order to avoid lawful repercussions, one should credit and cite to the original creator or producer of whatever content that you may want to reproduce.

Proven Strategies That Can Help Students to Avoid Plagiarism

Before you get to the stage of using an online plagiarism checker, we believe that these proven strategies are also beneficial when writing an essay paper.

Plagiarism is a common practice among students, journalists, and authors. It is an act that can be described as the theft of intellectual property and it is because of that justification that makes plagiarism a crime in many countries today. There are various ways in which this practice can be avoided so that one does not suffer the consequences that come with it, below are some of the strategies that one can apply when it comes to avoiding plagiarism.

  • Make sure that you have correctly cited your sources- Including content, ideas, and information that was originally made by someone else without acknowledging their effort creates a general perception that assumes that one stands to gain or benefit from that piece of work at the expense of the original producer, an act which is considered unethical among people. It is because of that reason that writers and authors are encouraged to give credit to the original producers of the work, doing this will also help in fostering the legitimacy of your work.
  • Make sure that you have correctly represented the work of the original producer- If you have to make certain representations of the original works such as quoting a particular author or individual it is recommended that you make the exact statement by quoting it as it is. It is convenient that one makes accurate representations of the originally produced works because it will lead to the author making inaccurate citations in the process. Inaccurate citations may serve as a form of plagiarism.
  • Make sure that you have rewritten the acquired information in your own words- When conducting research, it is a normal thing to get inspired by certain statements or ideas behind a certain piece of information and would in turn wish to represent that idea or information in their work. In order to avoid plagiarism, one needs to look deeply into the information presented and see how they can manipulate it to fit their own narrative by presenting them in their own words. Not only does this ensure that you develop and come up with something new and original, it also ensures that you can be comfortable and assured that you will not be facing plagiarism related consequences.

Advantages of Using Plagiarism Checkers to Detect Plagiarism

The biggest mistake an individual can make in academic writing is assuming that their work is flawless and free from plagiarism. There are a lot of benefits that come with the use of plagiarism checkers. Stated below are some of the benefits of using online plagiarism checkers

  1. Plagiarism checkers have the resources that can easily detect and identify plagiarism-When compared to other means of checking for plagiarism such as the use of Google search engines and other scanners, you will note that plagiarism checkers are better since they do not depend entirely on the information that is already available on the internet. Plagiarism checkers have databases that allow them to check against a wide variety of submissions made by writers and students. These databases contain the sources under which one can cross-reference articles and books.
  2. Online Plagiarism checkers allows the user to see what is plagiarized- Plagiarism checkers are easy to use compared to the use of Google search engines and any other means since they identify the plagiarized content and then highlight it for the user to see. This helps the user to know exactly what was plagiarized helping them to correct that particular mistake in the process.
  3. Online plagiarism checkers provide information on the percentage plagiarized- Most plagiarism checkers will give you back the results on the scanned document in the percentage form. This is important because, in some universities and other institutions, there is a level of plagiarism that can be accepted and it is usually in percentage form. So, by using plagiarism checkers, one can easily gauge and adjust their work so that they can at least attain the required minimum percentage. In some universities, there is no level of plagiarism required for the students to attain before they can submit their work. Instead, in the case that there is a high level of plagiarism detected in a student’s work, an inquiry will be made by the university review board.
  4. Plagiarism checkers can help identify incorrectly paraphrased statements- Most students who plagiarize use the paraphrasing method to avoid being detected by plagiarism checkers. The problem with this is that even for the most accomplished writers, it can be tricky to correctly paraphrase content a hundred percent of the time. So, there is no need to check against reliable plagiarism checkers online.
  5. The use of plagiarism checkers indicates good and honest intentions- The use of plagiarism checkers is a strong indication that an individual took their time and made the effort to remove plagiarized content from their work. Remember to save the plagiarism report sent by the software so that in the case that one has to explain themselves to a tutor or a review board on potential plagiarism then they can easily present the plagiarism report document at a moment notice. This will clearly indicate that the student had good intentions and did not mean to intentionally plagiarize based on the evidence presented in the form of the plagiarism report.

Our Final Take on Why You Should Use an Online Plagiarism Checker

It is apparent that no student or writer wants to have those awkward meetings with the institution review board over potential academic dishonesty. One simple way that an individual can avoid that is by making sure that before submitting their work they scan their documents for possible plagiarism using online plagiarism checkers as it is easy, efficient, and effective. As explained before, the biggest mistake a student can make is by ignoring and assuming that their work is perfect and free from any writing errors or mistakes commonly made in writing. It is not worth it for students to take that kind of a relaxed approach when dealing with their academics.

Pay for our number one online plagiarism checker and enjoy our plagiarism checking and removal service.