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By definition, a proposal is a suggestion given where the giver presents their reasons for the suggestion after which they expect one of two answers. They expect to either get a rejection or an acceptance. In some cases, a third response comes into play where the suggester is sent back to the drawing board to refine their arguments and presentation then ‘resuggest’.

In an academic setting, a proposal can be written for many different reasons. You can write a nursing proposal to request research support. You can write a business proposal. You can write a proposal to get the go-ahead for your nursing thesis or dissertation. There is so much pressure involved in writing this paper even though it is short. Many simply engage a nursing dissertation proposal help service to get the pressure off them. Some institutions do not require a dissertation proposal so you could be lucky.

A nursing dissertation proposal is a paper written before the actual dissertation. The student is expected to present the proposal with their topic of choice. They are expected to outline how they plan to approach the nursing research question and the logistics of their research. If your proposal is rejected, you have to go back and do your research to find a whole new topic. In some cases, your professor will approve the topic but ask you to review your approach.

Elements of A Great Nursing Dissertation Proposal

  1. Title page

You do not have to use this title for the dissertation itself so do not worry about committing to it. As long as you stick to the topic and subject, the title can change.

  1. Statement of purpose

What do you hope to get out of your research? State the research question or a bunch of possible ones. The norm is to address only one research question for clarity and focus. You could also draft a research question that represents all your choices.

  1. Background

This is where you tell your story. Why are you interested in this? Have you researched this topic or a related area before? Have you worked on any landmark researches on the same?

  1. Evidence of significance

Why is this topic worth spending resources on? What value will it bring to nursing as a profession and area of study? Is it a new topic? If not, what new aspect will you bring to it?

  1. Methodology

How will you do everything? How will you collect data? How will you present data? Again, this can be a tentative methodology. You may review and revise the methodology later if need be.

  1. Problems

Which hurdles do you expect? Which challenges do you expect to encounter? What is your plan for dealing with these issues?

  1. Bibliography

Which sources do you plan on using? You do not have to remain faithful to this list once you start writing your dissertation. You can add or subtract from this list.

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Qualities of a Good Nursing Dissertation Proposal

  1. Clarity

To approve your dissertation proposal, the parties have to understand what value your research will bring to the field of nursing. They have to understand how you plan to do it. They have to see the viability of your research plan. However, due to the pressure and fear of rejection, you might end up babbling a lot. This will lead to an unclear proposal. You might be great at handling emergencies as a nurse but terrible when it comes to other areas of your life. If you are the type to buckle under pressure then it might be best if you hire professional nursing dissertation proposal help.

  1. Special highlights

Your dissertation proposal is meant to help the reader understand why this is important research to carry out. Therefore, the paper must highlight all the important ideas and points. For example, if you have some preliminary results that could make your topic a shoo-in. Go ahead and present them in the proposal. Build some curiosity for what could happen in the next phase of the research. If you are proposing to work on a trending issue like COVID-19, for example, remind everyone about the skirmish that has been the past year. Make the reader want to approve based solely on curiosity and the good of humanity. Be careful not to give away too much information.

  1. Adherence to guidelines

There are rules to follow when writing a nursing dissertation proposal. Failure to follow the rules could work against you. What is the point of working on the paper for so long only to be disqualified for a small mistake? You should check the school website and/or the faculty of nursing for guidelines. You will be able to ascertain what is required of you and your dissertation proposal. This should actually be the first thing you do once you realize you are required to write a proposal.

  1. Persuasive

Your dissertation proposal is basically a sales pitch for your research topic. Although, you cannot let it sound ‘salesy’. Your mission is to persuade the reader that your dissertation will be valuable and that you can do the topic justice. Do not beg or seem desperate. Persuade with good points. Convince them with your research methodology. Get that approval with the value your research holds. Achieving persuasive without being ‘salesy’ can be an uphill task without nursing dissertation proposal help. It takes a careful selection of words and sufficient highlight of the most important parts. A balance between applauding your own ability to choose a great topic and having a viable methodology.

  1. Simple straight forward language

You should always use simple language in writing your nursing dissertation proposal essay paper. There is something about being excellent in simple language. You are able to draw in the reader without too much resistance from the reader. Long difficult words and statements only make you look like you are trying too hard. Trying too hard gives the impression that your work is not as valuable as you say it is. You should also avoid saying things in a roundabout way. Get straight to the point. Do not fill the word count with useless repetitions. Keep it simple.

  1. Viable research plan

The reader may be convinced about the value of your research. They may think that it is going to impact the nursing field significantly. But then, before they can sign off they also have to be convinced that your approach is sound. For your plan to be viable, it has to be possible, to begin with. For example, you could say that you will collect data from all 5000 employees of a company. If the company has foreign offices, how are you going to reach all of them? This is important information that has to be included, the full plan of approach. You might also promise that all the data provided in your questionnaires will be true. This is not something you can control so might call into question your whole plan. Your plan should be realistic. It should provide the relevant information for your paper.

Extra Nursing Dissertation Proposal Writing Tips

  1. Submit your proposal on time

Deadlines in academic writing, especially, require strict adherence. There is a limit to how much time you have to complete your nursing dissertation proposal. In fact, you are advised to hand it in a few days before. From experience, panels do not take kindly to late dissertation proposals. If your paper has not been submitted when required that could be the end of your eligibility, at least in that period. You can employ some nursing dissertation proposal help to ensure timely submission.

  1. Know your audience

Who is responsible for reading and approving dissertation proposals? You need to find out and what they expect from dissertation candidates. Some people are strict and will pay attention to the nitty gritties. Others are not and are only interested in the material contained in the paper. Having the information about your audience will be useful to your nursing dissertation.

  1. Know your material

One rule you should never forget or ignore is the rule about knowing what you are saying. When you write a proposal on a foreign subject, the reader will be able to tell that you do not quite understand what you are talking about. So if you are going to base your dissertation on a foreign subject, study it first. Be an authority on it before you write your proposal. If the reader has even the slightest idea that you have no idea what you are saying then it will be an automatic rejection. Be so conversant with the material that you can narrate in your sleep. If you do not have enough time to learn everything there is to learn then get some nursing dissertation proposal help from us. Buy yourself some time to learn the subject.

  1. Know the program requirements

You must also know what is required of you before you write the proposal. What academic writing style should be used? How long should the proposal be? How long do you have to write it? Is there a chance of extension upon missing the deadline In many cases, you will not get an extension on your dissertation proposal submission? If you think you might be running a little late with it then get nursing dissertation proposal writing help from us. How long will you wait for feedback? There will usually be a dissertation proposal rule book, peruse and plan accordingly. If you encounter a strict audience, they should not have a reason to reject your paper and you should not give them one. Starting the writing process without reading the rule book is like bypassing skydiving orientation before jumping out of a plane. 

  1. Know the review process

There is a process for approving or rejecting dissertation proposals. In some cases, there will be a panel. Therefore, the process might start with receipt of the proposals followed by individual perusal then a collective discussion of each. The panel might then vote based on the discussion and their personal opinions. In some cases, you might be asked to appear before the panel to discuss your proposal. You should find out about the possibilities and be prepared for any scenario. If you hire a nursing dissertation proposal helper, you should tell them what you have found out about the process. The writer might have some experience and furnish you with information you did not have. You could use any assistance you get at this point.

  1. Do not embellish

A lie can catch up with you very quickly. Do not under any circumstances lie. You can lie on your resume or even to a guy in a bar but never lie on your dissertation proposal. It will be so easy to determine the truth. You may be tempted to lie about preliminary results just to make your research seem a lot more important. Embellishing is a big faux pas of academic writing. If you are found out, you can expect severe punishment. Your next proposal will be under more scrutiny if you even have the opportunity to try again. You are required to present the facts as they are whether or not they are favorable.

  1. Address contrary evidence

In most situations, there will always be arguments to the contrary. This should not scare you. Do not be afraid to take an unpopular stance. As long you can argue with sufficient evidentiary support, you should move forward with your paper. However, you must address the arguments and evidence that say different. You do not want to be surprised with questions about them when you are defending your thesis. Remember to always be prepared.

  1. Get a letter of support

In some cases, an influential letter of support will be significantly helpful. The letter should be personal and specific. It should be from an authoritative figure in the field of nursing. It should mimic the value proposition in your dissertation proposal. This will be like a recommendation letter but for your dissertation topic.

  1. Edit and proofread

As a nursing student, you must pay attention to detail. You should practice this quality in every aspect of your life. It should be reflected in your assignments. All assignments must be polished before submission. This means that you must take your time with the proofreading stage. You must correct all errors and edit all mistakes before submission.

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