Money Back Guarantee

The Money Back Guarantee policy allows a customer to request a refund only within the guidelines described below. 

All rights specified in the terms of use cease when you initiate the refund process. All company products or drafts provided before cancellation cannot be used thereafter.

You Are Eligible For 100% Refund When:

  • You cancel an order after no writer was assigned. 
  • When no writer was found to complete your order
  • If the order is no longer needed due to late delivery. In this case, any material delivered to you should not be used since it will be considered as the company’s copyright property.
  • You make double payments or place identical orders

You Are Eligible For 70% Refund When:

  • You cancel an order after a writer is assigned, and less than 50% of the deadline has elapsed

You Are Eligible For 50% Refund When:

  • You cancel an order after a writer is assigned, and more than 50% of the deadline has elapsed
  • We are unable to provide you with an acceptable writer for your revision

Bad Quality Complaints And issues

  • If a customer is not satisfied with the product delivered and requires compensation, our quality Assurance Team will investigate the matter to assess the client claims. The customer has to provide detailed instructions indicating a mismatch in the order instructions.
  • Instances where a customer cites bad grades as the reason to initiate a refund will not be considered since our products are for reference purposes only.


  • A customer has to submit a refund request through the Support Team section within two weeks after order completion.
  • The Billing Department representative needs about five days to able to review the customer’s request. The representatives will then contact the customer, providing a resolution by phone or email. 
  • The company gives the representative the right to request for more information from the customer to process the claim correctly and accurately. 

If a customer’s order is delayed, he/she is entitled to the Time Delivery Difference Compensation, which is calculated on separate conditions. The compensation will assess the initial deadline against the time of delay. 

If digital copies of the sources were not provided, we recalculate the price to determine additional payment that had been made for the digital copies and credit it to the customer’s account for a future order.

If the preferred writer was not assigned an order, we recalculate the price to determine the additional payment that had been made for the order to be assigned to the preferred writer and credit it to the customer’s account for a future order.

The company is not liable for Bank Transfer Fees, peculiarities of transfer, and even delays occurring because of Bank service issues.

A customer can only receive refunds for more than $10 since smaller amounts cannot be processed as they barely cover the transaction costs for the company and a customer’s bank. Refunds, which are less than the stated quantity, will be applied to the client’s account to be used for future orders. 

Note: Only the original source of payment can receive the refund.

The Customer Is Not Eligible For a Refund:

  • If the delay of completing an order was a consequence of a customer’s action. This may include payment delays, a delay in the provision of required sources, or even failure to respond to queries or requests from the support on time. 
  • If a customer fails to receive the final product as scheduled due to technical complications from the customer’s internet providers or system malfunctions
  • If the customer provided a voluntary deadline extension
  • If the customer approves the order and get access to the printable and editable version of the paper. Please do not approve an order if you have are not satisfied with the paper’s quality. Please contact our support if you cannot access the preview version of your paper.

Contacting Us

We understand that you may have questions, suggestions, inquiries in relation to this policy. Please feel free to contact us at 

Note: The money back guarantee policy agreement is concluded in electronic format, which equals by law to an agreement signed by ink.