Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About AllWritingSolutions

1I haven’t seen a lot of AllWritingSolutions reviews. Why not?
You haven’t seen a lot of AllWritingSolutions reviews because we believe in our customers' utmost privacy hence we do not pressure them to speak about our services online. We understand that asking for help isn’t always easy and our customers are not comfortable revealing their personal details in the process of reviewing our services. While other companies have weak privacy policies and are only in it for the money, we always strive to offer academic writing help but also ensure that we protect your data in the process. To understand more about how we value your data, please read our privacy policy. You can see AllWritingSolutions reviews on our site, but if you want more customer feedback, please get in touch with our customer support. They will put your mind at ease by answering all the questions you may have.
2Is this service legal?
Yes, AllWritingSolutions offers legal services. AllWritingSolutions is part of Brisao Limited.
3Is this cheating?
Absolutely not. Our service, which should be used as a model, offers a practical way to build knowledge for you to boost your grades. Use our custom writing services as a model to see what it takes to get a high grade. As educators, we have seen an increase in the class sizes and students lack one-on-one time with their tutors hence the need to use our service to bridge that gap. Visit our about us page to understand how we advance knowledge through research

Questions About Our Services

1How should I use your services?
We are your personal study guide. We help you study effectively by providing a model writing guide that shows you not only what to read or how to approach key issues in your exams, but also how to structure and put down your ideas in writing. We have an open communication policy between you and our top tutors so that you can share your ideas and benefit from their advanced expertise. We advise students not to turn our essays in verbatim or claim them as their own since this would be cheating.
2Can you guarantee my grade?
We guarantee the grade of work provided by our top writers. We can’t guarantee your exam/test grade since we only offer a writing guide and are against passing it as your own; we consider that cheating.
3Is your service confidential?
Absolutely. In fact, if you want additional reassurance, please read our privacy policy. What’s more, provide us with an NDA, and our Legal Officer will sign it for you.
4My subject is complex and very specialized. Can you help?
We are very confident that we can handle all subjects. One of the benefits of our service is the depth and breadth of our reach. We are proud to have a huge network of top-rated writers and academics in the world. Our experts have tackled complex and unique projects and we believe we can be of help to you too.
5Do you help with PhD level work?
Yes. We have helped many Ph.D. students who were looking for premium level academic services. We understand that every Ph.D. is unique and that is why we adopt a collaborative approach to comprehensively discuss your requirements. This not only ensures that our top writers manage your order, but also allows your senior Ph.D. consultant to have all the requirements set up accurately to write your paper. We believe in this approach since we understand that a Ph.D. level order requires attention to detail. Get in touch and we will find a senior Ph.D. academic to help.
6What are you are you A+ features?
We offer a range of upgrades that can be added to most orders. These features boost your paper from good to ‘great’. Visit the prices page to read more about these features

Questions About Ordering And Payment

1How much will you charge for my order?
The price you pay depends entirely on the type of service, the deadline, the academic level, number of pages, and spacing. Use in the calculator on this page to get the exact price of your order.
2How can I pay for my order?
We strive to ensure that we give you a variety of payment methods. We accept all major credit and debit cards. We use a secure payment system to ensure that all transactions are protected. If you don’t see your preferred payment method, get in touch and we will assist.
3Can I pay using PayPal?
We do not offer this payment method. If PayPal is your preferred choice of payment and none of our available methods are suitable, get in touch and we will do our best to assist.
4Can I pay in installments?
We accept payment in installments for large orders, typically those that are valued at more than $1,000 and have a timeframe of more than 14 days. Contact our support team to find out how we can set this up for you.
5Can I modify my order details or deadline?
You can make changes to your details, but these changes need to be done before a writer starts to work on your order. Once the academic assigned to your project start working on the order, any change thereafter would attract additional fees and may affect the delivery time.
6Can I get a discount?
We use only top-rated academic, and we ensure that they received adequate remuneration for their services. We also believe that we present fair prices in relation to the work we do and the premium services we offer. However, you can get a 5% discount for orders with a value of more than $1000 and 10% discounts for orders with a value of more than $2000. You can also be awarded points that can be redeemed for free pages when you recommend and refer your friends to AllWritingSolutions. Get in touch to find out more about our referral program.

Questions About Our Writers

1How do you hire your writers?
We have a rigorous recruitment process, which enables us to select the strongest academics who have extensive expertise in their areas of practice. The recruitment process is divided into several stages as described on our writers’ page.
2What are your writers’ countries of origin?
All our writers MUST be proficient in English and have corresponded to the required experience needed for our customer’s academic levels. We ONLY engage academics who are English native speakers. However, if you are a non-native client who wants us to offer a more simple writing approach, we can tone down the writing style to meet your requirements.
3How do you assign an order to a writer?
We ensure that we match you with the most qualified academic once you make an order. You also have the choice to choose a writer based on their writing levels or choose a specific writer by specifying in your order form the writer’s ID
4Can I be certain of the qualification of the academic assigned to my order?
Sometimes our first-time clients want to be assured of the qualification of the academic assigned to their projects. We totally understand this, and we always ensure to reveal the writer’s qualification and their previous written samples
5Can your top rated writers cover all subjects?
Yes. We are proud to have the most dynamic team having recruited from some of the best learning institutions in the world. We are confident that we can find a top-rated writer for any subject. Which one is it, international accounting, astrophysics, pharmacology, game theory? Whatever your topic, we have academics who can cover it. We will match you with the best academic from our team within minutes after you place an order
6How do you track writers' performances?
We have a strict quality control system that regularly checks writer work and performance in relation to the feedback we received from the clients. We assess our writers periodically to ensure they uphold the highest quality standard that you need.

Questions About Working With Our Writing Specialists

1Can I communicate with the academic assigned to my project?
You will have an all-round connection with your writer. Once we find an academic to work on your project, you will be able to have direct contact with him/her through the message section on your control panel.
2Is all the work customized and 100% plagiarism free?
All work provided by AllWritingSolutions is customized and contains no plagiarism. We guarantee quality and original content as described in our guarantees section. Our academic experts customize all work specific to your requirements.
3What happens if my work is delivered late?
This is extremely rare. We take your deadlines seriously and ensure your project is delivered on time. On the rare occasions that work was delivered late, we refunded the customers.
4What happens if I’m not satisfied with the work provided?
We understand that on rare occasions, our academics may not meet your expectations fully, and that is why we provide you with opportunities to request revisions on your order. It is very rare for clients to leave without being satisfied fully since we strive to ensure that all your requirements and expectations are met. We minimize these scenarios by ensuring that all the work delivered by the writer passes through our quality check team before it is delivered to you. If you are still not satisfied, we have a complaint process that will enable our top managers to assess your case to ensure that you are happy. The bottom line here is to meet all your requirements and make you happy.