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More often than not, as students prepare to write an essay, they might find themselves asking, “what is the point.” There have been cases presented against essay writing arguing that it has no relevance whatsoever towards students pursuing a course in geography, for example, because it doesn’t apply to what they do in the “real “world. We find this statement flawed because many people forget that essay writing provides a platform under which students can express their communication skills. So do you write it yourself or search for custom essay writing services online?

Well, it depends!

At times, many people think it’s only lazy students who order essays online, but that’s not always the case. Many universities and colleges use essay papers to determine if a student can think critically, write coherently, and support ideas with logical arguments. These assignments, together with term papers and other academic papers, constitute up to 70 per cent of the student’s overall grade. As such, many students, even bright ones, are under pressure to submit A-grade assignments within a limited time frame.

And since good academic papers require the writer to have brilliant writing skills, many of them are left with no option than to rely on essay writing websites. So, it’s not the laziness that drives students to use online essay writers with no risk. Pressure mounted on students forces some of them to find innovative ways to get around the problem.

Where Can I Find The Best and Trustworthy Essay Writing Services Online?

The growing number of companies that offer writing assistance is entirely overwhelming. Try searching for websites offering custom-written, legit essays on the internet. Google will pull thousands of them. And every company is striving to be ranked on top of search engine result pages to get your attention.

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Why Essay Writing and Writing Quality Essays Is Important

Out there in the “real” world, one is expected to have a good range of communicational skills to operate in a professional setup. Having the skills to communicate effectively can give you an edge over your peers or competitors in many fields. For example, when sending a university application, one is required to write an essay about themselves and the institution that they are applying to. In this case, there are thousands of students just like you seeking to get enrolled. That is why you need reliable easy writing services that can guarantee you get into the college of your choice.

In the current job market, you are required to submit a formal job application with a brief essay explaining why you are the best candidate for the job. Potential employers use this to gauge your ability to communicate effectively within the workplace. So, from the examples provided above, you will see that essay writing has a lot to offer besides what you can apply within your field of study. Communication is an essential skill that one must possess in today’s world because with the technology growing every single day text tools such as the internet and email have become more and more significant since there is a need to communicate effectively without actually meeting face to face.

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How To Write Good Essays And Score Top Grades

A summary of Harvard University strategies to write essays include:

  • Research properly- Before picking your pen and start writing, it’s important to understand the topic or subject you are writing about. So the first step here is to do your research properly.
  • Pick the topic of your essay- The next thing to do after your research is to pick your thesis. This is a statement of a claim that will tell your readers what the essay is all about.
  • Plan your outline- Before you start writing the actual paragraphs, it’s important to come up with an outline or structure on your essay. A good outline will tell you what to write about.
  • Write the body paragraphs- Don’t get caught up in the introduction part. Just drive right into writing. Starting with the body of the paragraph will help you have a better sense of what you are trying to write.
  • Write the introduction and conclusion- Once you have expressed your points in the body of the paragraph, now go back and write your introduction.
  • Revise and proofread: Once you are through writing your essay, it’s crucial to look over your work with fresh eyes.

What You Need To Consider Before Writing Your Essay- Tips From Top Essay Writing Services

Below are guidelines of the things you need to put into consideration before you can start writing your essay. These guidelines serve two purposes- the first being the keywords that you need to understand when writing an essay and the second being the process of writing an essay. The most important key to note in essay writing is that you need to understand what the subject matter is and the question it poses. After you have clearly understood what is required, then you can effectively give your answer. It doesn’t matter how well you can write and present your essay if it doesn’t provide a solution to the problem statement presented.

To stay on track when writing your essay, our writing experts pay close attention to the following tasks. The first being an in-depth study of the question presented by the essay, and the second being to ensure that the written answers match up to what is required by the problem statement. This is important because essay questions are often worded in a way that gives clues to how your answers should be designed. To understand what the essay requirements, they apply Kneale's method of breaking down a question.

This method requires the writer to divide the question into command words and content words. Command words will help the essay writer to indicate whatever is needed to be done with the subject matter in question while content words are those words within the question that help the writer to frame the subject matter in question. Below are some of the examples explaining how one can divide a statement into command and content words.

  • Discuss and analyze how essay writing has improved good communicational skills.
  • Comment on how politics has shaped and revolutionized the music industry across the
  • Compare and contrast the educational system used between the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

The above statements can be divided into two keywords using Kneale's method of breaking down a question.

  • In the first statement, the command words used are discuss and analyze while the content words are essay writing, improved, and good communicational skills.
  • In the second statement, the command words used are a comment on while the content words are politics, shaped and revolutionized, music industry, and the
  • In the third statement, the command words used are compare and contrast while the content words are educational system, between, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Mentioned above are some of the commonly used command words in essay writing. Our essay writing services providers also use other command words in writing a problem statement. Below is a list of command words with their brief description explaining what they mean.

  • To account for means that the writer should give reasons for, while also indicating all the relevant circumstances that are present.
  • To the account for means that you give a very detailed and clear description.
  • To analyze means that one is required to study in-depth and break down the subject matter into its smaller constituents.
  • To assess means that the writer is supposed to weigh on the situation presented to you in the topic given, after which they will be required to provide a clear judgment of the pros and cons of the situation.
  • To comment on means that the writer should give his/her own opinion on the subject matter in question, they should also be able to provide evidence as to why they have reached a particular conclusion.
  • To compare and contrast means that the writer needs to give the similarities and differences between the topic in question.
  • To define means that the writer should be able to write down the meaning of the subject matter in question.
  • To discuss means that you give an analysis with all the issues surrounding the topic considered.
  • To justify means that the writer should give reasons and as to why they would make a specific decision involving the subject matter.

How To Plan Your Essay- Great Essay Writing Tips From Renowned Essay Writers

To write an effective and comprehensive essay, our professional essay writing services helpers insist that you will need to prepare and plan well before you can start. During your preparations, ensure that you have a good idea of what the essay is asking you to do. In the case that you are unable to grasp the idea behind your essay fully, go ahead and consult the teaching staff for directions. It is better that you fully understand what it is they are asking from you earlier on at this stage, rather than have them read and grade an essay that is entirely off the mark.

Another reason for this is that it might be too late for you to make the necessary adjustments needed on your essay if this mistake is not corrected on time, considering that there is a submission deadline for your essay.

Before you can start your research, take some time, and write down some of your ideas on the topic or the subject matter given. This written document is also known as the first draft, you don't need to have one, but it is vital and necessary when it comes to writing down essays, this is because it gives the writer the foundation and basis under which he/she can return to see and gauge how his/her thoughts on the topic have progressed over time.

Once you have fully understood and grasped what the topic in question is all about, you need to start your research. Read widely on the topics relevant to your field of study. Your studies should primarily focus on academic literature. In most cases, essay questions are usually presented with recommended readings, and you need to take these readings and use them as a starting point for your research. Do not limit yourself to these readings, extend your research horizons, and gather more information on your topic of interest. This will broaden your perspective on the subject matter that you are writing on, giving you an edge over your fellow students who do not fancy making that extra effort by going beyond the readings recommended by the lecturers.

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So how do you go about extending your readings beyond what has been recommended to you, what you need to do is to find the references that interest you? Figure out what it is about their arguments that they have presented that you find interesting, use that perspective to explore the topic further. This will give you an idea of how essay topics should be approached. This way, you will have an idea of how to interpret other authors' findings, and having the ability to do that will give you an idea of how you can construct and develop your case and arguments towards your essay topic.

Every piece of information that you come up within your research seeks to tell a story about your essay. So, every time you read a particular argument presented by another author, remember to note down your thoughts on the author’s presentation. Figure out the differences between the case that he/she is presenting and the other cases presented by other authors, lean on their perspective to find out how they came up with a particular argument for their case. Pay close attention to the resources that they used to come up with that specific story.

These resources can be presented in the form of graphs, pie charts, maps, tables, and figures, just to name a few. This kind of resource can prove to be helpful because you can draw some valuable information from them that will help with your essay development. When you get to this particular stage in your writing, quickly get back to that first draft that you had earlier developed during your research, you will find out that the ideas that you had written down are starting to make sense when compared to the information that you have gathered.

What Does A Great Essay Paper Entail? Tips From The Number One Essay Writing Services On The Internet

Reading widely is an integral part of essay writing, but as earlier stated, it will all be in vain if the writer is unable to properly communicate his or her case and ideas in their essay. Another mistake commonly made alongside poor communicational skills and a lack of sufficient reading and research is a poorly developed structure and outline. An essay structure that is poorly developed is difficult to assess and review; it is hard to follow up on what the writer is trying to communicate, deeming the writer sloppy and careless.

 If you want to develop an essay that is effective and easy to comprehend, you have to come up with a draft that includes headings that you might want to cover. Under those headings, clearly articulate the information and points that you will want to discuss broadly in that particular section. After you are done with this, go through the points that you have made and see if the information that you are trying to convey fits the structure of essay writing. In the case that it doesn’t work out, go through your outlines over and over again, and make the necessary adjustments until you are sure that it does. Below are some of the basic guidelines that will help you to structure your essays correctly;

  1. The Introduction- How to Write It

You must make an excellent first impression when starting your essay. There is no formula in particular required to introduce your essay as so long as it is clear and concise. However, there are guidelines that one should note when writing the perfect introduction. First and foremost, you need to set the tone by starting in a broader context. Explain the kind of significance the topic you are covering has on the field of study that you are covering and also the impact it will have on society and the world in general.

Secondly, discuss and comment on what you understand by the question posed by the essay and also talk about your interpretation of the question based on your understanding of the topic. Write down the fundamental definitions of the words that you are going to use in your essay, and lastly, you can go ahead and outline your essay by mentioning the critical stages that the reader will go through in your essay. It is imperative to note that after you have concluded your essay, you will need to go back to the introduction section to check if the essay that you have written reflects on what you had earlier stated in the introduction. If not, re-write and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that there is a smooth flow to your essay.

  1. The Body- What It Entails

After you have grabbed the attention of the reader with an impressive introduction, what comes next is the body of the essay. This section of your essay should clearly articulate the argument that you are presenting. In the case that you had prepared the first draft as it had been earlier recommended, this is where it gets even more useful to you because while you are working through your case, you will be required to constantly check and see if your argument is still in line with the essay question.

The body is usually made up of paragraphs that have a connection to each other, and each paragraph is supposed to express an idea that is key to the essay. One of the main reasons why students do not score highly in their essay is because they are unable to develop a case that is convincing to the readers. In this case, it is the body that lacks enough detailed information and academic literature to see the argument through.

When writing the body of the essay, students should ensure that the information they are presenting is well detailed and that it has depth. Most students fail in this section because they tend to assume that the person reading the essay is well aware of what they are trying to say. This leads them to make generalized and vague statements when writing down their points.

So how does one correct this? When writing the body, one should assume that the reader has very little knowledge of what the student is writing about. This way, the student will be compelled to be as detailed as possible in their writing, resulting in them giving in-depth information on their argument.

When presenting your case, ensure that you have a wide range of sources and materials that you can use to strengthen your argument. Even though you should try your best not to incorporate texts from other authors so that your essay stays a hundred percent free from plagiarism, quotes from other writers can help present your argument in a broader context. They should only be used to support a statement that has already been made by you. Remember to make the necessary citations and references of the source materials used. Failure to do this will result in plagiarism, which is a form of cheating because it will be seen as if you are trying to gain credit for ideas that are not yours.

In the case that your essay requires the use of graphs, pie charts, charts, and pictures as a means of deepening or supporting your argument, you will be required to write down a statement explaining what they mean and how they relate to your argument because you shouldn't assume that the person reading or marking your essay is aware of what you are trying to communicate by using them. Failing to do so will only put them at risk of merely being ornaments to your essay as they add no value.

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  1. The Conclusion- How to Write It

Just as it is important to have an impressionable introduction that is clear and straight to the point, it is also important that you conclude your essay in the same manner. So why is it important to have a conclusion as a section of your essay? On one hand, it serves as a reminder of what your essay is all about by highlighting and drawing on the important points made in your essay. On the other hand, the conclusion gives the writer a chance to present his/her final takes and verdict on the question posed by the essay. This should also be evident from the points made in the body section of your essay. Avoid unnecessary contradictions when making this point- make sure that your final take aligns with the points that you have presented earlier on.

The conclusion should also serve as an opportunity that allows the writer to go out of his way and present his/her own opinions and predictions on the impact that the essay can have on society. It is important to note that you are not supposed to add any new material under the conclusion section, and if there is a need to do so, one should revisit the essay and find the right place under which they can add this piece of information.

  1. Editing- Why Editing an Essay Is Important

It is important to note that concluding your essay does not mean that it is ready for submission; most students make this mistake by assuming that the essay is perfect, and a lot of marks are usually lost in this manner. One should consider their first essay to write up as the first draft. No matter how good you think your essay is, you should set aside some time to proofread and edit out any mistakes and errors that you might have made in your essay.

Doing this will ensure that your essay is well polished and ready for marking, resulting in an improvement in the quality of your work. To improve the flow and the grammar in your essay, one should read their essay out loud. You will be surprised at how effective this method is in correcting the tiny errors that might have gone unnoticed during the first write-up of your essay.

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Basic Styles Used In Essay Writing

Using the right spelling and punctuation is a big deal and can make quite a difference in essay writing. Below are basic guidelines and outlines that one should take note of when writing an essay.

  1. The Spelling

Spelling is an important tool in essay writing, and one should be keen on how they spell their words. When typing an essay, most students depend on spell-check software to help them with their spelling, and that is not recommended. This is because the English language is broad, and many words sound the same but have different spellings with different meanings. Sometimes the software can find it difficult to correct some of these mistakes, proving that this form of correcting spelling mistakes to be very unreliable.

Another reason why spell checkers cannot be trusted is that they might not recognize certain words resulting in the software suggesting other close words as the alternative instead. For example, terms such as laboratory might be confused for lavatory. These grammatical errors and mistakes are common and have appeared in essays multiple times before. Writers should also note that the English form of spelling is preferred to the American style of spelling.

  1. How To Write Numbers in an Essay Paper

When it comes to writing, you should write out the numbers that are equal to or less than twelve. This statement is also true for big numbers, such as a hundred or a thousand. For example, statements such as “a healthy person is supposed to drink not less than seven glasses of water a day” are preferred to” a healthy person is supposed to drink not less than 7 glasses of water a day.”Here is another example, “there were about two thousand men and women at the political rally,” instead of “there were about 2000 men and women at the political rally.”

  1. Grammar and Punctuations

When it comes to grammar, you must know the meaning of the basic elements that make up the grammar, such as nouns and verbs. These words can be expressed in both singular and plural forms. Punctuations are equally important when it comes to writing proper grammar. There are several commonly made grammatical and punctuation errors.  Hence, how to correct grammatical errors in an essay is an important skill that has to be learned.

  1. The Use Of Apostrophes In Plurals

Plurals are formed by simply adding an s to nouns and objects such as animals to animals, house to houses, and key to keys. For words that end with y, you need to add ies when changing them to their plural forms. Examples of these words are city, which changes to cities, fifty changes to fifties, and duty changes to duties. For those words that end with s, such as groundnuts, you pluralize them by adding an apostrophe right in front of s.

Apostrophes can also be used in pluralizing non-standard words, some of these words include dates and acronyms. Below are a few examples of how you can use apostrophes in non-standard words;

  • In America, the use of cocaine skyrocketed in the ’80s.
  • The use of DMT’s can increase psychotic reactions in the brain.

Example number one can be used to show how an apostrophe can be used to indicate an era in time.

Example number two is used to show how you can pluralize acronyms.

  1. The Use Of Apostrophes To Show Possession

When writing a formal document such as an application letter or an essay, you should use an apostrophe to indicate possession. This can be confusing sometimes because possessive pronouns such as its, his or hers, are usually written without the use of an apostrophe.  Below are a few examples of how apostrophes can be used to indicate possession in both their singular and plural forms.

When you want to indicate that something belongs to a company, in its singular form, you will put an apostrophe right after the last letter and then add an s. For example, “that office is the company’s property.” In its plural form, instead of adding an apostrophe and an s right after, you will only be required to add an apostrophe after the s since the word company would already in its plural form. Here is another example, “those offices are the companies’ property.”

  1. The Use of Apostrophes to Replace Missing Letters

When writing informal documents, such as a letter to a friend, you will be required to use an apostrophe to replace the missing letters in words such as can’t instead of cannot, and I’ve instead of I have. However, you should note that this form of writing is only reserved for informal writing and should not be included in formal or academic writing, only use the full words.

  1. Structuring Sentences in Essays

How you structure your syntax is very important, and a key to how your reader will understand your statement, the incorrect use of syntax can result in your sentences being misunderstood, leaving a bad impression in the process.

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How to Write an Essay Inclusively

The primary purpose of inclusive essay paper writing is to improve your essay’s clarity and accuracy. This is important because certain topics make it easier for students to fall into the use of stereotypical terms without their knowledge. Writing inclusively means that for one, you should clearly indicate who or what you are writing about. Secondly, you need to avoid the use of stereotypical terms, and lastly, one should pay attention to how their sentences and statements would be interpreted by those who will read the essay. If you are going to write about a certain race, gender, culture, nationality, ethnicity, or social group, you should first of all pay close attention to how sensitive the information that you are writing about them would be. Below are some examples of how one should write inclusively,

In the case that you mean to write about humanity in general, avoid using terms like men, he or his. Instead, use words such as a person, people, or mankind. Statements such as “the activity of man has hurt wildlife” is incorrect. Instead, one should write the above statement like this, “human activities have hurt wildlife.”

Here is another example of how inclusive syntax can be used correctly in a generalized statement; “every player was asked whether they were satisfied with the result after the game.” This can be corrected to, “the players were asked whether they were satisfied with the result after the game.”

In the case that you want to seclude one gender, you will be required to be very clear detailed about it. Here is an example that shows how to frame your statement if your purpose is to seclude one gender.

“The rise of coronavirus has increasingly contributed to the unemployment in the country by 50%, parents have had to take a pay cut from the jobs that are still available or apply for the low skill jobs that do not pay as much.”

The above statement is quite wooly and does not drive the point home. To correct this, take a look at the example below.

“The rise of coronavirus has increasingly contributed to the unemployment of men in the country by 50%, women have had to take a pay cut from the jobs that are still available or apply for the low skill jobs that do not pay as much.”

Inclusive writing ensures that the writer does not allow one set of groups to dominate the other; your statement should always represent both sides of the story. Here is an example of how to go about it.

“The rise of rap music in the ’90s was caused by men who felt that the social injustices against the black man in America needed to be addressed through poetry and music.”

There are many things wrong with this statement. First of all, it is unrepresentative because African Americans were not the only race that was involved in rapping. There were Latinos who also advocated and condemned social injustices in America. Secondly, it is unrepresentative in another way because there were also female rappers that advocated and condemned the social injustices against the black man. Thirdly, all rap music wasn’t about the social injustices going on in America in the ’90s. There were also party songs and love songs that also helped popularize the music genre. Below is an example of a correctly written statement that is inclusive of all the parties involved in the condemnation of the social injustices against African Americans through rap music.

“The rise of rap music in the ’90s was caused by both the African Americans and the Latino men and women who felt that the social injustices against the black man in America needed to be addressed through poetry and music.” “Other forms of rap music such as love rap songs and party rap songs also contributed to popularizing the music genre.”

Another purpose of inclusive writing is that it serves in identifying the stereotypes present in your essay, forcing you to correct these statements so that your narrative doesn’t look like it's being bias against a particular group. For example;

“The use of the derogatory slang `nigger’ could only appeal to the white human male.”

The example stated above can be considered wrong and off the mark in many ways, first of all, it is generalizing one group of races indicating that they are all racist which is practically not true, studies in anthropology have shown that anyone from any race can be racist towards another racial group. Another reason is that it is not only the white male who can be considered racist, what about the white women and every other racist woman from other races; they do exist, including racist children who can both be male and female. It is very important to note that generalizing terms can also destroy the possibility of what could have been a well-argued case.

Another reason why inclusive writing is important is that it helps in identifying statements that indicate the superiority of one group of people towards the other. Below is an example of how statements that imply superiority can be used to cast out or degrade another group.

“According to the studies made, it has been noted that brilliant and smart students like to sit in front of the class, unlike the dumb students who prefer to sit at the back.”

The above statement is wrong for many reasons, one being that. It is derogatory calling someone ‘dumb’ is considered to be impolite and unacceptable in today’s society. Instead of using that word, you can say academically underperforming; this is a suitable and polite way of addressing students who are not scoring high grades academically. Secondly, the categories presented are fuzzy and incomparable; there is a need for essay writers to be more specific in how they categorize their statements. To correct the above statement, it will need to read like this.

“According to the studies made, it has been noted that short students or those with special needs such as those with a reduced sense of hearing or those who are short-sighted would prefer to sit in front of the class unlike those who do not need special attention to get through academically who wouldn’t mind sitting anywhere in the class even at the back if need be.”

And lastly, inclusive writing is an important tool in essay writing when it comes to avoiding and identifying cultural stereotypes, for example;

‘’The population in the African American communities is largely increasing compared to the white neighborhoods because African women are considered to be more fertile compared to their white counterparts.’

The above statement is wrong because this is a well-known cultural stereotype that is usually used against the black community in America. Historically, the black people who used to be slaves in America died young because of the harsh conditions that they were subjected to by their masters, this, in turn, led the slave masters to force the black women to conceive and give birth to many children so that there is a probability that some of them would survive those harsh conditions of living. This would mean more slaves in their farms or more slaves for sale. The reason why it is important to bring up the historical background is that you will get a broader perspective on the main reason as to why black communities would prefer to give birth to many children and the reason isn’t that black women are more fertile but it is because having more children in the living conditions that they are subjected to ensures that some of the children would be able to survive to adulthood and eventually old age.

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