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A dissertation is an academic document presented in the form of a long essay. It is usually submitted as a supporting document for a university degree highlighting the student’s research and findings on a particular topic, subject, or field of study.

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Editing Elements Of Our Professional Dissertation Editing Service

Our thesis editing services are not only comprehensive but also fast considering that we proofread line by line thereby ensuring that your arguments, as well as your grammar, are right. Our dissertation editing service, which is a rigorous and complex process, can be broken down to its core elements such as;

  • Structure Editing - Under structure editing, our experienced Ph.D. dissertation editors will make sure that you have the required components and that your chapters are clearly outlined and well in place. This feature will also ensure that there is a smooth transition between your paragraphs; we will help you improve your word choices to avoid unnecessary repetition within your structure.
  • Clarity Editing - The clarity editing process allows the thesis editor to assess your work to see if it makes sense logically. We do this by comparing it against a checklist to see if you have a concise story or if you are contradicting yourself in your texts.
  • Reference and Layout Editing - The reference and layout editing ensures that the overall formatting of your work is correct and consistent; we also ensure that your in-text citations have been outlined properly.

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Types Of Dissertations- Tips From Expert Dissertation Proofreading And Editing Service

There are only two ways of writing a dissertation, the practical approach, and the theoretical approach.

  • Theoretical Approach - When applying the theoretical approach, ensure that you emphasize the philosophical, ethical, and cultural aspects of your subject matter since it is mainly abstract. In the case of an applied theoretical study, highlight the socio-economic and political aspects of your story.
  • Practical Approach - During a practical approach to your dissertation writing, focus more on the previous reviews made on your subject matter, your observations, and the case study made during your research.

Choosing your preferred form of approach isn’t the difficult part of the job, deciding on your subject matter is. You are required to come up with a topic that is largely compelling, very theoretical, and practical. When conducting research, whether practical research or theoretical research, ensure that the two forms connect in a way that each forms the basis under which the other can be explained. The three main types of dissertations are empirical, non-empirical, and narrative dissertations.

  • The Empirical Dissertation - This type of dissertation largely involves the collection of data. For instance, the number of children in a park or the number of police officers in a particular station. You can collect data and gather information in many ways, by asking questions or conducting interviews, by going through reviews made in the past and analyzing them from a different perspective or also by making comparisons by comparing the data you have collected against other data relevant to your field of study.
  • The Non-Empirical Dissertation - This type of dissertation is well suited for students who are pragmatic and love to debate over theoretical matters. For those finding it difficult to sit on hours end studying to come up with a compelling subject matter are better off picking up a subject matter that warrants an empirical approach. A non-empirical formula is applied when discussing a subject like psychology or sociology.
  • Narrative Dissertation - The empirical and non-empirical types of dissertations are the most common types of dissertations. However, for subjects such as geography and medicine where you are required to give a report solely based on your research and experience on the ground, you will be forced to apply the narrative form of a dissertation to explain how the setup and analysis was carried out.

Outlines Of A Dissertation- What To Include In A Dissertation Outline

Dissertations are made up of a similar standardized structural outline, they include;

  • The Abstract
  • The Introduction
  • The discussion
  • The Conclusion
  • References

Details on some of the parts may vary depending on the type of dissertation that you are working with.

Deciding On A Research Question- What To Consider When Choosing A Research Question

Settling on a research question is one of the most difficult parts when preparing a dissertation paper. It takes time to find the ideal dissertation research question that you can work with. This is because, during the research period, you might come across certain points that might change your view on a subject you thought was worth tackling. Below are tips that can guide you into choosing the right subject matter that will be suitable for you to work with.

  • Find a research question that interests you clearly connecting to your field of study.
  • Ensure that your research question can be summarized into a short sentence, preferably two sentences.
  • Before you fully dedicate to the project, make sure that the supervisor agrees with your subject matter and if possible let him/her sign it off as a stamp of approval.

After deciding on the research topic that is ideal for you, start doing some thorough research so that you can get enough information that supports your theory. Consuming all of the available information can prove to be overwhelming as there are many sources where you can gather your data from.

Tips On Writing A Perfect Dissertation

How you present your dissertation in the form of writing matters a lot because it shows the seriousness in your project, your dedication towards it will show in the form of quality that it possesses. Examiners will highly grade you if they spot quality and clarity in your work, below are the tips that can help you achieve those marks.

  • In the case that you are struggling with writing your dissertation, contact your supervisor for help so that you can get clarity on what to do, if that doesn’t work, seek assistance from a professional through online editing services such as all writing solutions, they will guide you through on how to go about your project.
  • You can improve your writing style by reviewing samples of relevant projects previously done. Study the samples of those who did well and also learn from their mistakes. This way you will be in a better position to present a quality project to your examiners.
  • Your project needs to have an academic tone to it, don't be repetitive in your texts and avoid being too wordy and chatty. Avoid sounding too formal as well. You need to find the right flow and balance in how you present your project.

How To Conduct Yourself While Working On Your Dissertation

  • It is very important that you make some adjustments to your lifestyle that best fits your working pattern, especially when you have enlisted your project as a top priority. Below are tips and guidelines that will help you organize yourself when working on your dissertation.
  • Find a peaceful space that is suitable for your studies, a proper working environment is important for you because it gives you the ample time you need to write and do your research. A library is one good example of such places.
  • Be honest with yourself when it comes to how you are progressing with the project. This will help you gauge yourself letting you know how much more you need to do with the time that you have left.
  • Ensure that you have a clear working plan that you can refer to for the whole project, including extra time for unforeseen circumstances that may come along in the future. This will guarantee you some extra time in the case that you may need to make final adjustments saving you the last-minute rush where you are prone to make mistakes.
  • Plan your diet well. Make sure to monitor your caffeine and alcohol intake. Get enough sleep and exercise well, this will keep you fit and healthy. The best condition for working on a dissertation project.
  • Set aside time for breaks so that you give your body and mind time to relax, engage in some of your favorite hobbies and activities as a means of distraction from your project. This will ensure that you have a healthy brain going forward.

Top-Rated Academic Dissertation Editing Service

Dissertation writing is quite a task as it requires your full attention and focus. But at the end of it all, guaranteed that you will look back at your project and appreciate the wonderful experience it was. But before you bind and submit your project, here are a few things you need to note.

  • Proofread your work for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Get the name of your supervisor and spell it correctly.
  • Don’t start making changes during the last minute.
  • Show gratitude to everyone who contributed to the project.
  • Ensure that your sections and headings are well placed.
  • Confirm the submission details.
  • Briefly narrate your experience working on your project.

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