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A cover letter is a formal document that you submit alongside your resume as a supporting document. The cover letter's purpose is to provide additional information explaining your skills, talent, and most significant accomplishments in detail. It also highlights your personality and character, informing the reader who you are and why you should be considered for the job position that you are applying for.

Getting help with writing cover letters online from world-class cover letter writing service will see you hand in a well-written cover letter that will briefly but expertly express who you are alongside your accomplishments, which in turn will impress your potential employer.

Why Do You Need A Cover Letter- Tips From Cover Letter Writing Helpers

Now that you are well aware of what a cover letter is, below are the reasons why you need to have one.

  • First of all, a cover letter paints a more vivid picture of who you are by highlighting your skills, talents, and expertise in action. It also brings your background to life and lets you explain why you are not only interested in a job position but also why you deserve it.
  • A cover letter also helps you develop your career story in a better way. For instance, it is common to be asked in an interview to describe yourself. A cover letter lets you reiterate what you wrote, therefore, painting a better picture for the employees letting them know what you do and how you can be an asset to them.

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Types Of Cover Letters

Cover letters come in various forms. These are the most common types of cover letters, pick the one that resonates with you.

  • Application letter - This is a form of cover letter that is written as a response to a job position on offer.
  • Networking letter - This is a form of cover letter that seeks information on a job position.
  • Prospecting letter - This is another form of cover letter that is written to inquire about a particular job position.

Outlines Of A Cover Letter

The cover letter is divided into three sections. They include;

  • The Header - The header usually contains your name and contact details. In some cover letters, you can even mention your city or state of residence. The header also includes the name and contact details of the receiver.
  • The Paragraphs - The paragraphs make up the biggest section of the cover letter. Cover letters should be kept relatively short. Therefore, three paragraphs is a standard number of paragraphs that should be in a cover letter. The first paragraph should touch on who you are, the job position that you are applying for, and a summary of qualifications and interests in the job position. The second paragraph should highlight your qualifications and achievements. You should also be able to state why you think you are a good fit for the job position being offered. Mention a few examples of quantifiable and measurable achievements in your career. In the third paragraph, close out by stating that you are a good fit based on your qualifications and also remember to include a call to action.
  • The Footer - Under the footer, applicants are required to send their regards and close off the cover letter by signing out.

How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter- Writing Tips From Expert Cover Letter Writers

Writing the perfect cover letter can prove to be daunting and intimidating, below are guidelines that should help you write a job-winning cover letter.

  • Focus On The Format - When it comes to formatting your cover letter, it is recommended that you maintain the standard font size and style used in formal documents such as the curriculum vitae. When writing an introduction, do your very best to find out the name of the hiring official, your application will look and feel personal to the reader.
  • Spark Interest - Start with a unique and interesting first paragraph. Mention how you came to know about the position, why you are passionate about it, and why you are applying for it. Remember that hiring officials and recruiters sought through hundreds of resumes and cover letters a day, so if you start your cover letter with a dull and generic statement such as “I would like to express my interests in a such and such position...” they are going to take you as boring and generic. Peak their interests so that they will keep reading, you can start your statement by saying something like  “Getting to know the organization's commitment to building freshwater wells in areas without clean, safe water, sparked my interest to be part of it” Another great way of sparking interest is by highlighting a mutual connection, this creates a direct tie between you and the position you are applying for plus it is also a great way of establishing your referral status. Remember, companies love to hire based on referrals.
  • Create Engagements - Use the next two paragraphs of your cover letter to explain your value proposition; this means highlighting the problems you can help the company solve with the skills that you possess. For example, if you are applying for a management position, your value proposition might be your ability to complete tasks quickly and cost-effectively. Tell them that it is as a result of your ability to pay attention to details or even excellent organizational skills.
  • Research - Before writing a cover letter, take your time and do some thorough research about the company and position that you are applying for. Start by pointing out keywords and keyword phrases that are showing up multiple times in the job posting. Notice the recurring themes as it will help you learn more about what the company is looking for in their ideal candidate. It will also help you to go into more detail about your skills, expertise, and talents.
  • Share Stories Based On Your Accomplishments - Another proper way of engaging with potential employers using your cover letter is by sharing a story around some of your greatest accomplishments. For example, you can state something like, “I had the privilege of implementing a new and innovative campaign that targeted more than fifty thousand potential clients. With a conversion rate of forty-two percent, the campaign went off without a hitch. I believe my skills will be influential in boosting your advertising across several markets.”
  • Include A Call To Action - This refers to the action that you want the reader to take, maybe you would like them to reference your resume, perhaps you want them to know when you are available for an interview or perhaps you to leave your contacts so that they may follow up with you. The purpose of having a call to action is to have the hiring official take some type of action. Remember to let them know about your excitement and eagerness to start the position. Always remember to end the letter with a nice friendly statement such as warm regards.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Cover Letter

It can be easy to overlook the mistakes made when writing a cover letter. Well, this is because they are too common, and it can be hard to tell whether you are making mistakes. Below are a couple of guidelines as developed according to our top cover letter writing service, and that should help you avoid these mistakes when you write your cover letter.

  • When formatting, make sure the font styles and size remain consistent throughout and also make sure that they match with the other application documents that you are going to submit, such as the resume and CV. This is a major indication that you are well organized, and it gets you in an excellent position to be picked by the hiring or a recruiting officer
  • Avoid addressing the letter to whom it may concern or using the phrase dear sir/madam. This is seen as generic and lazy by your potential employers; they may assume that you might have downloaded a template from the internet and just fill in the blanks. If you are unable to find the name of the person you are writing to, consider using the tag hiring officer or hiring manager.
  • Avoid restating information that is already available in your resume and curriculum vitae. A cover letter provides you with an opportunity to tell a different story that highlights your personality and character. Copy-pasting information to your cover letter will only make you come out as lazy and uninterested, resulting in your potential employers to deem you as a person not interested in the position being offered.
  • Do not inquire about the salary, schedule, or even benefits that come with getting the job. It is considered inappropriate unless it has been specified by your potential employers to give that information.
  • Failure to proofread your cover letter for grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors will only result in you making those mistakes, which in turn will make your employers see you as incompetent.

Where To Find Professional Cover Letter Writing Service And Expert Cover Letter Writers

When writing a cover letter, think of it as a mini-presentation. You are the product, and you are presenting yourself to a potential employer as the solution to their problems. As such, you need to ask for a renowned cover letter writing service to help you. A cover letter, in most cases, is considered the first written contact with a potential employer, so you must make an excellent first impression as it might go a long way into having you secure a job. Using our expert writing service, this will be made possible. Remember to give out just enough information that is needed to entice your potential employer to consider you for a job interview.