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What is a business plan? One may ask. A business plan is a formal document containing guidelines that outline goals for your business and how you plan to reach them. Taking time to set solid and achievable goals is the first step towards making sure that you live your dreams as your business will flourish.

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Why It Is Important To Have A Business Plan- Tips From A Renowned Business Plan Writing Services

There are many reasons as to why one may need a business plan, below are some of the reasons why;

  • If you are looking to invest or take up a loan, a business plan will come in handy. A banker or a potential investor will need to look into it to ensure that there is indeed a market for your business.
  • A business plan allows you to make informed decisions by providing accurate information based on reviews and projections.
  • Regular business reviews help to uncover weak spots within your business early enough. This is essential as it helps in minimizing risks by giving you time to make course corrections.
  • It is easy to get everyone on the same page using a business plan as it helps in explaining to your team how to get from point A to point B, making it even easier for them to work towards a common goal.

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Characteristics Of A Good Business Plan- Free Business Plan Writing Guide

We all aim at having well-written business plans so to increase our chances of getting funding. That is why most people search for business plan samples online to guide them on how to write business plans that get the required funding. Even though this is one of the ways, it is not the best or the only way. Smart people hire professional business plan writers online who can develop strategic business plans that inspire bankers and investors.

A good business plan should be able to highlight the following;

  • Business strategy - A business strategy refers to the plan or means by which a company or business uses to achieve its goals and vision. A strategy is important because it guides businesses on how they can effectively use their resources to gain and establish a favorable position in the market they are in. The business environment has changed dramatically over the years. It has become less predictable, too, which makes analytical reasoning and strategic positioning even more important.
  • Project Milestones - For every successful business, there are milestones put in place to track tasks and responsibilities. For businesses to achieve a final goal or objective, certain levels within the intermediate business stages have to be fulfilled. Milestones, therefore, serve as a platform in which key explanations and reports affecting business are based on, this in the long run, provides an opportunity for businesses to course-correct by learning.
  • Financial Projections - For every business plan, there is a financial section in which all matters finances are addressed. In this section, you will find the business financial projection unit. Its role in a business plan set up is to forecast sales, expenses, and cash flow, it should also provide a profit and loss statement. When presenting a financial projection to a potential investor, offer them a two case scenario, most only want to see the best and worst-case scenario. Additional or in between information is likely to confuse a reader.

Business Plan Outlines And Guides From A Professional Business Plan Writing Service

A standard business plan should contain some key elements. These crucial parts enable one draft business plan that can acquire potential business funding. Our professional business plan experts advise that the following are key features of a great business plan.

  • Executive summary - An executive summary is a page or two part of a business plan that contains the points and objectives made; this is why it is written last during the preparation of a business plan. It should be brief and enticing to your target readers so that they get motivated to go through the whole document.
  • Services - Under the products and services section, state in detail, the services and products you are going to offer your customers. Highlight the solutions that you are going to provide to counter problems experienced by your clients.
  • Market Analysis Summary - The market analysis summary helps you identify the market that you are targeting. A business plan will help you address the needs of your customers. Their location and how best your services can get to them.
  • Opportunity - Under this section, highlight your customers’ problems and the solutions that you are providing in response to their needs.
  • Company and Management Strategy - This section provides information on how the business is organized and its key members and their functions.
  • Financial Plan - The financial plan segment contains sales projections and assumptions based on the financial statements.

What You Need To Consider Before Drafting A Business Plan

We don’t just offer a pay business plan writing service; we also offer free tips for writing impeccable business plans. Before you sit down to draft a business plan, it is advisable to consider answering the following questions;

  • What Do You Envision - Every successful business started with a clear vision in mind, remember to write it down so that you don't forget the brilliant bits in the long term. Documenting your vision and objectives will also help your staff to identify with them, making it easier for everyone involved in the business to work towards it.
  • What Are Your Objectives - Unfortunately, some people think that they have to set their expectations low to accommodate their limitations. If you are looking to run a long term business, have a clear definition of what you want to achieve. Make sure you put into consideration the revenue that you expect to generate, the customers being targeted, and finally, the number of employees that you need to run your business successfully.
  • What Is Your Selling Point - For any business to be successful, there has to be a unique selling point. Ask yourself, what is it about you or your product that is different from the crowd. If you have an answer, focus on that and find ways to make that product even more appealing to your customers. That way, you will have an edge over your competitors resulting in your business expanding by the day.
  • What Is Your Market - Every so often, it happens that someone somewhere has a similar business idea to the one you are having; it is a common occurrence. However, that should not deter you from getting on with your plan. A lot of businesses provide similar services and still get to survive. To get ahead, one needs to do some thorough research to make sure that they do understand the ins and outs of the business and how they function and get in-depth knowledge and insight on your competitors and the services they offer. Study the trends and find a way to manipulate them to work in your favor.
  • Who Is Your Customer - Customers are considered to be the most important part of any business set up, as an entrepreneur, you need to be aware of their needs and figure out how best you can provide your services to them.
  • What Does Your Business Demand - Before investing in any business, find out about the product or service demands, the basic rule for any business looking to make a profit is that the demand should exceed supply that way, your business will surely thrive. So do some research and find ways in which you can increase the demand for your services.
  • What Are Your Marketing Goals - Now that you have your vision clearly defined, you need to set up your marketing objectives. They are essential in determining how your product and service will look and feel like, how it will get distributed, and the price.
  • Marketing Strategy - Under the marketing strategy, Ask yourself about the strategies and mediums that you will use to put your business out there. Get into details with the answers that you come up with for these questions, as they will translate to actions, and the action will eventually result in your success or failure.
  • How Long Should Your Plan Be - Your business plan can be as long or as short as you need it to be, there is no specific or standard size to it as long as it can outline your goals and be able to change when new data comes in. It is advisable that you have a short and concise business plan because it is easier to communicate your vision and goals that way. In places like the bank, they might ask you to provide a more detailed business plan when applying for a loan.
  • Who Is It For - A business plan is for whoever you need to see it. It could be an internal document that you share with your employees or other members of the staff to help them catch up with your vision and goals. It could also serve as an external document that you can share with potential investors or business partners to show them your vision and plans.
  • Take Action - You must get to this part of writing a business plan because, without it, there is no business.

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It is a common observation that despite having a great startup idea, most businesses fail before the first few years. While there can be a lot of reasons as to why that is so, all the reasons usually boil down to poor business planning. Statistically, businesses that plan and track their performances against the plan have a thirty percent growth rate.