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The Dissertation Writing Process- How To Write A Good Business Dissertation

  1. Pick a topic

Deciding on a topic for your dissertation is going to be one of the most difficult parts of this assignment. See, picking the right topic will determine how smooth or difficult the rest of the process is. You should take your time with the topic. If you pick the wrong topic, you might have trouble completing it.

  1. You need to pick a topic in your area of interest. This will ensure that you remain committed to completing the paper. You will also get to enjoy the writing process.
  2. Your topic should be easy to research. This means that it should have enough material that your paper will have depth.
  • The topic should also bring value to the business world. Your research should help improve business operations in some way. It, therefore, means that your paper and arguments should be practicable.

You can use a business dissertation writing service to help you pick topics. They will come up with a list based on the above criteria. They will then grade each option based on the criteria. This way, you will know which topic has the most material, for instance.

  1. Proposal

A business dissertation proposal is a shorter paper submitted before the main to allow you to pursue your chosen dissertation topic. This prerequisite process is not mandatory in every institution. Either way, you should prepare something to discuss with your mentor just to affirm your decision on the topic. Your dissertation proposal should have your problem of focus. You should talk about why it is a problem and why finding a solution is important. You should also outline your methodology. What are your expected outcomes? Is the research going to cost money? If it is, how much? The reader should see the possible hurdles you might go through in the dissertation writing process.

  1. Create schedule

Creating a schedule will be very useful. Your schedule should not just be for the writing part of the process. It should be for the entire process. See, a dissertation is a long essay. It means that research cannot be done in one day. You will need to plan how to systematically do your research. You also need to plan for things like data collection activities. The writing process will take a long time. How many words are you going to write every day so that it is finished on time? As you create your schedule, make sure to leave some time for review at the end. Do not put yourself in a tight window of time.

  1. Do your research

Then comes the research stage. This is yet another very important step. You cannot afford not to be diligent about the information you collect for your paper. If you have decided not to use a business dissertation writing service, then you will have to do a lot of studying. You need to find out what makes a good dissertation. You need to study about structures and formats. You need to learn the markers of good research.

  1. Research should be sufficient enough to provide depth for the paper
  2. Your research should remain relevant to the topic.
  • Your research should also be full dimensional. If you are trying to argue a position, you should ensure to address any evidence of a contrary position.
  1. You must use only credible and scholarly sources. Wikipedia and blogs are not credible sources. You may consult the internet or your institutional guidelines to find out which sources will be credible.

The research part of the process drives many to seek business dissertation writing services. It can be tedious and you may lose traction. Paying for our essay writing service assures you that your research will be done just right.

  1. Organize your information

You should organize your information in order of application. The business dissertation writing process is long. If you do not organize everything then you might end up applying the information in the wrong way or place. It will cost you time and energy to sift through different parts of your notes for particular bits of information. It will slow you down. Regaining that momentum is hard. Organize your information and data so that the process feels ordered and meticulous. You will even be motivated by the systematic way of handling this paper.

  1. Outline

An outline is the skeleton of a paper. It is the frame before the fleshy parts are filled in. It is the guide that lets the writer fill the right bits of flesh in the right parts and at the right time. For example, when you have information like demographics, you do not reveal it just any time. You only reveal it when you get to the methodology or results part. Any time before will be irrelevant. Revealing it after might be too late. Readers may deem a lack of that information when it is due to a gap in your research. Your outline will keep you on topic. Once you have the outline, you can edit your schedule so that you tackle full sections instead of just a particular number of pages.

  1. Draft

When all the above parts are done right, you can be sure that the drafting stage will be easy. However, one thing to note is that the drafting stage can still be difficult despite doing the above steps right.

  1. You might be lacking the writing skills to present your material coherently and appropriately.
  2. You might also be lacking the capability to dedicate a few hours of your time to the paper each day. Maybe you have a job that takes up a lot of your time and energy. Maybe you have some responsibilities as a college athlete. Maybe you have a family that makes it hard for you to dedicate the time. Either way, time is a very common reason for those who engage our business dissertation writing services.
  • You could simply be incapable. There are many other reasons why putting aside a few hours a day can be impossible. If you have young children, for example. There will always be noise at your house. You will never get the peace and quiet you need to do this assignment right..
  1. Editing

As mentioned before, you must make time in the end for proofreading and editing. If you have enough time, you can leave the paper alone for a few days after completion then come back to edit with a fresh mind. You will find that your ability to find errors is sharper this way. Even with this tip, you might miss some issues. Your dissertation is a turning point kind of paper, you want it to be perfect. Hire our business dissertation writing service to polish it for you. Our business dissertation writers pick and prod every statement until you have an absolute gem on your hands.

Elements of An Excellent Business Dissertation

  1. Title

The contents of the title page are determined by two things. The first is university guidelines. Some institutions develop their own set of rules in addition to the available ones set for different academic writing styles. The academic writing style rules are the second source of direction. Either way, the title page is going to be the easiest part.

  1. Acknowledgment

This is not compulsory. Some institutions might require it while others leave it up to you. It is always important to appreciate people who make significant contributions to your journey. If you feel like it is unnecessary then by all means leave it out. This will have no bearing on your grade.

  1. Abstract

This part provides the quintessence of the paper in as few words as possible. The length of the abstract is fully dependent on the length of the overall paper. The abstract will present the key ideas of the paper. It is sort of like a miniature introduction. Try to make it concise but still sufficiently detailed.

  1. Table of contents

This page is how you will be able to navigate the paper. Some dissertations are as big as 30 pages long. You will find it difficult to get to specific sections of the paper without flipping through the whole thing. The reader should be able to jump right to specific sections by clicking on an entry in the table. The title page, abstract, and acknowledgment are excluded as they are not official main parts of the paper and also because they appear before the table of contents.

  1. List of figures and tables

This and the next two parts are ‘extensions’ of the table of contents. Their presence or lack thereof is dependent on the type of dissertation. You will need to show the reader where to find specific numerical data. If a reader is committed to understanding your material, they will refer to this list a few times just to make it easy for them to find the numbers they need.

  1. List of abbreviations

You do not want your readers wondering what some of your abbreviations mean. Writing out full versions will take up space and time. You should not assume that every reader will be an authority on the subject and therefore understand every abbreviation you use. Therefore, provide a sort of thesaurus for the abbreviations you use.

  1. Glossary

This is a list of definitions for words that may be too technical to estimate meaning based on context. Again, these three parts are not compulsory. You will decide whether or not to include them based on preference. Although, it is always nice to make your paper as palatable as possible even though you are not getting points for it.

  1. Introduction

Your introduction is where the reader will encounter your research question for the first time. Unless of course, they encountered your dissertation proposal. The introduction will clearly define and explain your paper.

  1. Literature review

What literature is available on your topic? Note that, you are not required to review every single material on your topic. Just pick the most impactful ones. A literature review is not a summary of the materials. It is a critical analysis of the material contained in the sources. Here you will note critical points in the material and discuss them while drawing comparisons and contradictions between the ideas. You need business dissertation writing services because you cannot do it on your own

  1. Methodology

Which theoretical aspects of your discipline support your research? How are you going to collect and analyze data? In many cases, this part is very brief but fully detailed. You want your reader to understand your research process.

  1. Results

This is yet another brief part. In this section, you will not talk about your opinion or what you have inferred from your findings. This part is all observations. Just outline and list the results and findings of your research, nothing else.

  1. Discussion

The discussion part is one of the most important parts of the paper. It will carry a lot of weight. A business dissertation is meant to display your ability as a student to use apply class lessons to real-life situations. The ability to do this effectively drives many students to engage our business dissertation writing service. Interpret the results. Evaluate the results. Discuss the implications of the results. Make a connection to your research question. Ask yourself- have I answered the research question?

  1. Conclusion

Rephrase your research question just to remind the reader what the paper is all about. Answer your research questions. Make recommendations and mention any gaps in your research. This could lead to the next research into the same topic.

  1. Reference list

Your reference list should adhere to the citation and referencing rules of your style of choice. The most common styles are APA and MLA. Referencing is yet another reason students opt to use our business dissertation writing service.

  1. Appendices

This is simply a presentation of supplemental material like the interview questions used for data collection, for example.

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